Here’s Why You Probably Shouldn’t Tweet Terroristic Threats To Airlines


I know I’m fortunate that the internet wasn’t around when I was 14 years old because I would have done some stupid things, but this would not have been one of them. A twitter user by the name of Demetria was apparently bored and decided to tweet a fake terror threat to American Airlines. Turns out they take those things quite seriously, as she soon found out:


That’s never good. As soon she got the response, she began trying to dig her way out in the worst ways possible:

As a result her account went from 3,000 followers to over 30,000 much to her delight. After a few hours it seemed as though she thought that she should try to actually explain the tweet. It may be more absurd than her initial tweet:

So just to explain, she wrote the tweet and decided to stick it in the old draft folder so she could workshop it or something. Then, without realizing it, she unknowingly opened the app, went to her draft folder, scrolled down to that particular tweet, opened it, and then clicked send. Sure thing. Remember kids, if you think it might be a bad idea, don’t post it on the internet. That goes double for posing as a terrorist.

UPDATE: The girl’s account has been suspended. Her apology claimed that she had written the tweet and saved it to her draft folder a month ago, only to accidentally send it when she wasn’t even using the app. In addition, the twitter account for the Rotterdam, Netherlands’ Police posted this tweet: