Here’s Why You Should Call You Grandparents Right Now


Our grandparents are the story-keepers of the family. By virtue of the amount of time they have been on this planet, they have a lot of wisdom to share. They also have knowledge about the family tree and lineage that can help you learn more about your family, which will help you discover more about yourself.

I personally like to talk to my grandma at least once a week. It’s not only good for me for the above reasons, but it’s good for her too. You could say that the purpose of grandparents is to pass down wisdom to the younger generations, though in the society in which we currently live, older people are often tossed aside and forgotten about.

My grandma is very loving and supportive of my endeavors, but she also isn’t afraid to call me out on my B.S. Perhaps I am lucky and blessed to have such an amazing grandmother, but our relationship wasn’t always this great. It was once I started calling her and making the concerted effort to get to know her that I began to experience the blessings of being in touch with a grandparent.

When I was younger, I spent the majority of the time with my mom’s side of the family and her relatives. I was very close with those grandparents, but they both passed away. Now I am left with only one grandparent—my dear grandma on my dad’s side. Even though she lives far away, I love connecting with her, and it seriously makes my day how excited she gets to speak with me. She told me tonight after we chatted that she was feeling depressed before I called her and talking with me helped her feel better.

As anyone does, older people really need human connection. It makes them feel appreciated and important to connect with others, most especially their grandchildren. I understand that not everyone has the best relationship with their grandparents or family members in general, but I believe these relationships can usually be bridged and rebuilt with minimal effort.

In terms of my own journey with healing and self-discovery, I have found that reconnecting with family members, especially my grandma, has really helped me in terms of feeling more love and having more loving energy in my life. If you are feeling lonely or sad, it might be a good idea to call your grandparent. Even if you don’t think you have the best relationship with them, it might surprise you how much better it will make you feel to connect with them.