Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Just Focus On One Idea At A Time


I’m sure you’ve heard the advice that if you want to do anything well, then you had better only do one thing at a time.

I’m not talking about multitasking here. We know that’s not good for your brain or your physical health. I’m talking about the piece of advice that it is super important to only birth one “idea baby” at a time.

I’ve never liked following the rules. And this is pretty stifling advice for some of us. You could make the case that it’s because we have not found the “one thing” yet, but I would like to argue that maybe it’s just because we’re the types of people who are supposed to do more than one thing at a time.

Listen, if it’s working for you to focus on one idea at a time, do it. But if you’re like me and this laser focus stresses you out, I got you.

I believe it’s our gift to God to develop as many of our gifts and talents as possible during this lifetime. Some people believe that humans are only using about 10% of their brain every day.

If you’re a creator (like me), then you probably have more than one idea each day. And let me tell you: If you’re like me, you cannot possibly act on all 3,478 ideas you get on Wednesday afternoon.

But you can act on three to five. I’m sorry, but that’s pretty damn good focus if you ask me.

Some days (the lackluster days) there’s no ideas, and other days are pure magic.  If you resonate with this, and you’re having a creative day, I say let the inspiration flow.

In my experience, moving with inspiration does not lead to burnout. But you know yourself better than anyone. So, tune in and listen to what your soul needs. I’m just here to remind you that there are no “rules” in life. We’re all just winging it. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise.

And don’t forget that action breeds clarity. Sometimes during the attempt to bring our ideas to life, we realize that this particular one is not for us and it works itself out. Great! One less thing to do! More time to focus on our other idea babies.

Let the inspiration move through you. Life will always work itself out. And life will always support that which supports life.

What you are meant to create will always be created through you.

Flow with it. Let the ideas come and go. Grab the ones that inspire you. That enchant you. That move you. Even if it’s more than one at the same time.

Never get overwhelmed by your creativity or the amount of ideas flowing your way. Ideas are a gift from the Divine. So don’t push them away like lunch leftovers. For the love of all things holy, say “thank you” and invite the magic in for dinner.