Here’s Why You’re Allowed To Get Lost (And Why It’s Actually Good For You)


You’re allowed to get lost. I promise. 

We are told to follow maps, to look at our compasses, and to always look ahead. We are constantly told to double check directions and to keep walking in a straight line.

But, what if we are tired of the straight lines?

What if we are tired of mapping out our entire lives, piece by piece, and corner by corner? What if we want to stop looking down at our feet, being petrified of falling? What if we don’t want to follow the rules anymore?

So why don’t we do it? Why don’t we get lost for the first time in our lives? Let’s put down our maps and our lists and our tools. Let’s put down our plan B’s and our five year goals. And let’s lose ourselves in what freedom finally feels like.

Let’s travel down dirt roads that lead to meadows and fences that open our eyes to new opportunities. Let’s travel down alley ways and winding roads that lead us to new cafes, new people and to new destinations.

Let’s travel down the unexpected pathways.

Let’s ditch our ideas of what we should be doing, and just do what we want to do for once. Let’s move to a new city. Let’s move to a new country. Let’s make an entirely new career for ourselves. Let’s get rid of negative people in our lives. Let’s finally tell that one person who got away, that we still love them. Let’s rid ourselves of our fears and our anxieties.

It’s time to do what we have always wanted to do. It’s time to do what scares us and what puts us out of our comfort zones. It’s time to truly find our destiny, whether it’s on a dirt road, or on the seaside shore. We’ve got to find where we belong whether it’s in a city full of skyscrapers, or a country side that lets us roam free.

It’s ok to get lost. It’s good to get lost.

Because, when we get lost we truly find ourselves. When we get lost we truly figure out how we fit into this big world. Getting lost isn’t the end at all. No, getting lost is just the beginning.