Here’s Your Live Video Feed Of A Bald Eagles’ Nest


There’s nothing much good happening on the internet today, not even any good cat videos, even, so here’s your live video feed of a bald eagles’ nest, brought to you by Berry College, in Mount Berry, Georgia, which is where I once dated a stripper. Anyway. Here is the live video of the eagles, because America, fuck yeah–

[protected-iframe id=”02a902d469866e4a29cfe15afe032c2c-7369149-28362302″ info=”” width=”584″ height=”390″]

…And here are some fun facts (or semi-fun facts), which are related to eagles:

  1. Eagles are assholes.
  2. The bald eagle almost wasn’t our national bird; Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be our national bird instead.
  3. Turkeys are so dumb that they sometimes drown when it rains, because they leave their mouths open and choke to death.
  4. Eagles eat live fish. Not in a sushi sort of way, but in an eating fish guts sort of way.  A little gross, but they’re birds, so; deal with it.
  5. Not only was the turkey almost our national bird, but we were one vote away — in the Constitutional Congress — from having German as our national language.
  6. German and turkeys; that’d be pretty fucked up.
  7. But instead it all worked out, with the bald eagle.
  8. The bald eagle is a pretty warlike symbol, if you think about it.
  9. Sorry that I digressed a little with this list.
  10. Almost all of the facts in this list are true.
  11. And now, here’s some light music!  America, fuck yeah! And eagles. Eagles are cool.  And stern-looking. And now, some music.