Here’s Your Ticket To Get On The Motivation Train


The motivation train is a fantastic means of transport that will take you from your current state of mind to this glorious place where all of your goals live. Here you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment, excitement and happiness all rolled into one.

In order for you to obtain a ticket, you first need to have a clear set of goals and be able to visualize yourself residing at the destination.

You need to be sure you’re prepared for the journey as you may have heard, it’s not an easy road. At times the journey may not seem worth it, but it all comes down to if you truly believe the sense of accomplishment you will feel, once you arrive, will outweigh the temporary sacrifices you must make in order to obtain a ticket in the first place.

After finally getting your hands on this golden ticket to happiness and making the decision that you truly do wish to board, you notice the train station is at the top of an enormous hill that is covered in loose gravel. On that particular day, the temperature is hovering at around the 45-degree mark. It’s hot, the hill is huge, you have a ridiculous amount of baggage to carry and hiking up this thing looks exhausting. So what do you do? You procrastinate – “I’ll deal with this tomorrow” I mean that’s entirely your call, you need to make that choice for yourself.

The next day something else comes up that is so very important, the following day there is something else, a month passes and you look out to that hill thinking I really cannot be bothered walking up that – not today.

Until one morning, months later, you wake up and notice your ticket has expired. The train is gone and you have to start the entire process all over again, this time, with a cloud of disappointment and guilt hovering over your head because you failed to board because you failed to take the initial action.

As a consequence, you’re now in this place that’s a lot less appealing than the one with the hill, but you know that you have no one to blame but yourself. If you were waiting for a wakeup call, this would be that!

This time you’re even more determined to get on that damn train! Instead of talking about your goals, you write them down, this time when you visualize this place, your vision is so clear you’re able to imagine how it would feel to finally arrive, take that first breath of fresh air and say “I made it!”

This time getting the ticket was easy, much easier than the last. The train station and train you need to get on is a bit of a walk, but you’ll get there eventually. You just need to get up and get on with it, stop making excuses and stop being distracted by things that are ultimately standing between you and your final destination.

Once you board the train, you look around and realize it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. You thought after the initial hike you’d be seated in a five-star luxurious carriage, instead, you have a hot and sticky, plastic seat with your name written all over it, no pillow and no air conditioner – fantastic!

Reluctantly you take a seat and have faith in the process. Regardless of the current circumstances, you know that in the end, this journey will be worth it.

Every now and then the train will stop, giving you the opportunity to leave. For every time you decline, the carriage begins to change. This beat up, dull, ugly, old carriage now is becoming colorful, vibrant and comfortable.

By the time you reach your final destination, you’ll reflect back to that very first day you decided you wanted to board the train. Even though you procrastinated and failed the first time, maybe even the second or third, it wasn’t the be all and end all – ultimately it was just a delay in the departure time.

Is this place everything you’d ever dreamed of? Do you feel accomplished, excited and happy all rolled into one? Was it worth the sacrifices you made in order to get here?

I can’t answer that for you, but I do know the journey itself forced you to grow. I do know that for each stop where you were given the opportunity to leave, you chose to stay because you could see an improvement in your current circumstance.

Is this destination forever? That’s really up to you. If you’ve arrived it means you achieved your goals, conquered your fears and let go of the excuses, however, in order for you to stay, you must earn your keep, if you don’t you’ll soon find your ticket was a return.

After you’ve settled in and this place becomes your norm, you realize the feelings you once craved for: accomplishment, excitement, and happiness no longer reside here and that’s the time you realize – it may be time to plan the next trip to a new destination!