Here’s Your Video Of Exploding Disney Princesses


Do you ever just feel that Disney princesses are bad in general; because unrealistic expectations, unrealistic waist size, very very large eyes, reinforcing the dominant patriarchy, etc., etc., etc.? Or maybe you don’t feel that way at all, but you like seeing things explode. …Either way, Exploding Actresses might just be the Tumblr for you. Director Simone Rovellini takes existing footage and, well, you can figure out what happens next from the title of the Tumblr.

Rovellini has already exploded actresses in classic films and in films about love, but it’s his video of exploding Disney princesses that’s making the interwebs really blow up, wordplay, haaa, kill me. So, here that is:


And here, for no major reason, is a video from The Lion King with unfortunate results:


…Funny. Not as funny as my essay describing which Disney princesses I’d like to fuck. …But still, moderately somewhat funny, which is in the world of internet videos, is really the best we can hope for.

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