He’s Going To Regret Leaving You


He left.

He left you, and up to this moment, you’re still trying to take it in. You keep reminding yourself that he’s gone. Your system is still adjusting to the fact that you are now by yourself.

You feel lost. You don’t know how to start over now that you’re no longer with the person you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with.

You are angry at yourself. You wish you could’ve done more. But my love, there was nothing you could’ve done to make him stay. You did everything you could and gave everything you had.

You weren’t the problem. You loved him a little bit too much, and that’s okay. Because one day, he is going to wake up in the arms of another and miss your warmth. He’s going to wonder who’s on the other side of your bed where he once was laying on and he’s going to feel a sharp pain in his heart.

There will be days when he will look at another girl, only to notice the same features you have, and he’s going to think about you. He’s going to be reminded of just how beautiful you are, and he’s going to wish to see you one more time.

He will hold hands with someone and remember how your hands fit perfectly in his.

His lips will touch another’s and for a moment relive how magical it was when your lips touched his.

He will remember you in the things he does and people he sees. He will miss you and it will hurt. He will remember how much you loved him and loathe himself for breaking your heart.

He will come back to you, and when that happens, do not take him back. Let him wallow in the regret of losing you. Let him dance with your ghost and let it haunt him. He should’ve known your worth from the very beginning.

So hold your head high, because this time, you’re the one who gets to walk away.