He’s Not Your Forever Person Unless He Can Answer These 60 Questions


1. I would never watch a movie if ____ starred in it.

2. I think I look best in the color ____.

3. I’ll never delete the ____ app from my phone.

4. Even though everyone else loves it, I can’t stand ____.

5. The most upsetting celebrity death was ____.

6. I usually hate people with the name ____.

7. If you want to get me in the mood for sex, all you have to do is ____.

8. I had a million posters of ____ on my wall when I was little.

9. Even though it’s childish, I still love to watch ____.

10. People make fun of me for the way I pronounce ____.

11. ____ gives me major anxiety.

12. ____ is my favorite social media platform for sharing selfies.

13. I cry every single time I hear the song ____.

14. If any celebrity couple could adopt me, I’d want it to be ____.

15. ____ is the sexiest accent in the world.

16. Someday, I want to own ____ dogs.

17. The dumbest reason I’ve ever broken up with someone was because ____.

18. My favorite Disney movie is ____.

19. If I had to have plastic surgery, I would get ____.

20. When I take a selfie, ____ is my go-to pose.

21. The longest I’ve been on a plane was for ____ hours.

22. ____ is the best meal I can make without a cookbook.

23. The best celebrity impression I can do is ____.

24. ____ is the nickname that my parents always call me by.

25. My very first job was at a ____.

26. I can’t stand the smell of ____.

27. ____ is my favorite brand of beer.

28. ____ is my favorite brand of cereal.

29. I hate the way my ____ looks.

30. ____ is the habit that I’ve been trying to break for years.

31. When I wake up, the first thing I do is ____.

32. I hate when my boss asks me to ____.

33. ____ is my favorite Christmas song.

34. The ____ emoji annoys the hell out of me.

35. I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo of ____.

36. I hate when people have tattoos of ____.

37. I need at least ____ hours of sleep to function properly.

38. I hate when people have their ____ pierced.

39. If I buy a candle, it’s going to smell like ____.

40. My dream date would consist of going to ____.

41. ____ was the most exciting moment of my life.

42. ____ was the greatest thing that I’ve ever read.

43. My favorite type of porn involves ____.

44. I always want to throw up after eating ____.

45. I don’t understand why people go to ____ on vacation.

46. If I could own a wild animal, it would be a ____.

47. I hate watching ____ with you.

48. I eat ____ meals per day.

49. Everybody hates ____, but I love it.

50. The best compliment I’ve ever been given was ____.

51. The most embarrassing thing I own is a ____.

52. I miss ____, but I won’t text them.

53. I’m super turned off by ____.

54. My favorite part of my body is my ____.

55. ____ is the insect that I’ll run far away from.

56. I always forget to ____.

57. I would rather live in ____ than where I live now.

58. ____ was the teacher that had the biggest impact on me.

59. ____ is the first thing on my bucket list.

60. I love you, because ____.