He’s The Type Of Guy Who Only Starts To Care When You Don’t


When you stop caring that’s when he’s going to start.

When you stop putting in the effort he’ll try harder.

When you ignore his snaps he’ll send you more just because.

When you finally react and give him the attention he was seeking he’ll ignore you.

You’ll sit there thinking, ‘I fell for it again.’

Because it’s all a game to him. Needing people’s attention to feel a little better about himself.

When you think you got over him, that’s when he’ll blow up your newsfeed.

When you’re doing well in your life he’s going to remind you he still lingers.

When you’re about to go home with someone else going to text you drunk asking what you’re doing.

When he doesn’t answer he’ll always have a reason why.

When he does something mean, he’ll always counter it with some grand gesture to keep you hanging on.

When you’re about to move on, he’ll start telling you everything you’ve always wanted to hear.

When you want something more from him, he’ll throw the word friend at you like it’s a slap in the face.

When you tell him you had enough, he’s going to ask for one more chance.

When you tell him it’s over he’s going to test you to see if you mean it.

When you tell him you love him he’ll do everything to avoid saying that back.

When you tell him he hurt you, he’ll pretend nothing happened.

When you move on and start to miss him even in moments, he’ll pop up out of nowhere at weird times.

But guys like him are never going to be what you need. And he’s never going to give you what you deserve.

He’ll always give you bits and pieces. Enough to keep you hanging on. Enough to keep you trying. Enough that you care. Enough that you might even fall in love with him. But he’s never going to catch you.

So before you fall head first for someone who says all the right things make sure there are actions behind that.

When you wonder if he cares, ask yourself if he’s doing anything to show it.

When you wonder if he cares, ask yourself if you took his cell phone away would there even be a relationship there? Or is everything based on convenience and his ability to pick and choose when he wants to give you attention with the touch of his fingers.