Hey, Beautiful Heart—Be Strong


I am writing this for everyone who lives in constant fear and anxiety of what might come in the future, who faces the hardship that seems to have no end; for every person who is weary in his walk of faith and for taking up the cross; for everyone who is tired of doing what is right because the world put higher value on fame, physical beauty, and a shallow definition of success than it has in character, honesty, and sincere heart; for every person who is tired of walking in the long road of waiting. This is for every person who starts thinking they should stop believing; for those who start to give up faith.

I know you are tired. You’ve been stretched between believing and giving in for far too long. You have reached your breaking point. You are not even interested in talking about hopes and dreams anymore. You’ve had enough of it. Back in your childhood, you never expected that life would be this hard, because Disney told you that if you have a good heart, you will win and live happily ever after. Every song that used to lift your faith up now becomes just like any other song. You become numb from hearing sugar-coated encouragement.


Don’t you know that you are the only light that this deep, dark world can see? That your heart sparks kindness and raises the hope for humanity? That every deep cut that this cruel world has caused you is because they do not know how to love like you do? That it’s because they do not have enough capacity to contain the size of your heart?

Remember that you are born not to fit in but to mark a history in every life you have encountered, in every person you have shared your laughter and tears with, on every soul you have inspired. You are the ambassador of heaven on earth. You are the love, the hope, the missing piece of emptiness that this world is desperately longing to feel because you have met the love and the love itself has transformed your heart and dwells in you. People can feel there is something different about you, but they could not describe it by words.

It is not your fault when you have not gotten everything together yet. It does not mean you are lazy or less competent than others. It just means that you are walking at your own pace. Life is meant to be shared with others. It doesn’t care about who is going to win or lose. I know that not everyone understands this, but I know that you do. Know that your pain and every teardrop you have shed would not be wasted. If you are stuck and feel timid, it might be because you do not possess a superpower to witness yourself when your eyes are glowing and radiate compassion, when your words are bringing hope to those who are brokenhearted, when your prayers attract miracles, when simply your presence is letting someone know that she does not have to face the storm alone.

When this world is being mean to you, you are allowed to stop for a while just to suck some oxygen in between your sobs. Please do anything that you need to heal the wounds, but never ever think about giving up, because dear…this world cannot bear to lose another beautiful soul. In fact, it needs more people like you.