Hey Sam Smith, Will You Stop Reading My Diary Please?


In case you forgot who Sam Smith is, I’ll give you a reminder: a few years ago, he completely wrecked the radio (and our hearts) with songs such as “I’m Not The Only One” and “Lay Me Down“. Well, guess what? He’s back. The singer just came out with his first new single since 2015, and all I have to say is: hey Sam Smith, will you stop reading my diary please?

The song, titled “Too Good At Goodbyes”, recounts the emotional effects of a tumultuous, on-and-off relationship, and okay Sam Smith, I get it, somehow you’ve gained access to my secret poetry blog. Can we not do this right now?


Give it a listen if you want your heart ripped to pieces and also if you want to see the deep, dark inner workings of my soul.

Apparently a lot of people can relate to Smith’s song and also my repressed emotions, because we’re all a little emo inside.



Am I the only one who feels incredibly violated right now???



Great job Sam Smith, I’m probably going to play this one on repeat for several hours — or years. But also, next time you decide to stare deep into my soul, extract every carefully-restrained feeling and emotional insecurity I have, and put it together into a beautifully-written three minute and 30 second song, could you at least credit me somewhere?