I bloomed when you held me,
The comfort between your arms
Felt like a warm enough place
To let my guard down
I didn’t need any armour
Because you had already put me
Up so high.

You know, some boys raise women up
In their strong arms
And some boys raise women up
By using words like snowflakes
Unique and different and inspiring
The higher they go,
The less they need to be afraid

But the arms lifting you
Can choose to come back down
And bring you with them
And words like snow
Melt when it gets too hot

And that was never
The kind of high I wanted anyway

You were nervous around me
I saw you stumble
With your snowflake words
I felt your arms loosen
So I could fit between them
I felt your body curve
As I pressed against it

And that was always
The kind of high I wanted.