Hillary Clinton Literally Thought You Had To Have Separate Phones For Each Email Account


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HUJ0m1Nq60]

You’ve probably heard by now that instead of using the government’s uber secure multi-billion dollar email system, Hillary Clinton used her best judgment and went out and hired a private consultant to set up her own email server for her while she was Secretary of State. It also probably ran commercial Microsoft software, highly insecure compared to virtually impenetrable wall of security she should have been using.

But, she has an excuse and that excuse is being old. In fact, she is so old that she isn’t even aware that you can add multiple email accounts to one phone (granted, secure accounts). She claims that she didn’t want to have to carry around two phones for two email accounts which is both stunning and unbelievable. And when I say it’s unbelievable I mean that it can’t be believed.


But even pretending that she did think that, it’s incredible that her excuse for jeopardizing national security and circumventing government transparency is that it was inconvenient to follow the rules.

She’s also claiming that despite it’s commercial nature, her email server, which she kept in her house, was secure.

“I think . . . the use of the server . . . certainly proved to be effective and secure,” she said.

But she has no way of knowing this, none. Let me restate that. A person who doesn’t know you can have more than one email account on a phone has determined that her server was secure. She’s saying it “proved” to be secure. Let’s get a second opinion.

Some experts said it’s impossible to know for certain whether that’s the case. Clinton, according to at least one forensic account, was using a standard commercial server running on Microsoft software that, like any widely available software, has been found to have vulnerabilities.


“If all that she had was standard technology . . . it would be merely a speed bump for a sophisticated adversary to gain access to everything there,” said Richard C. Schaeffer Jr., a former director of information assurance at the National Security Agency.

That’s from a former NSA executive. The NSA, an organization that hacks foreign government emails for a living probably knows a bit more about digital security than Hillary Clinton does and that’s why she was instructed to use government email.

But one problem with government email is that it’s inconvenient. Another problem with it is that other people in the government can eventually read it and while this is considered a product feature in a democratic society, to Hillary Clinton it’s a hindrance since you can’t delete all the emails you don’t want other people to see off of government servers the way she did with her home server. Right? Why would you keep those?

And lest you step away from this article unconvinced that Hillary didn’t know this was wrong here she is condemning members of the Bush Administration for doing the exact same thing in 2007 when she claimed it was part of a pattern whereby the “Constitution was being shredded” so you know she knew it was wrong.

She just didn’t care.

featured image – C-Span via YouTube