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Demi Moore reportedly spends $140,000 a year to not look her age.

David Shankbone

Besides getting the obvious breast implants and liposuction, Moore also spends $3,000 a pop on something called Thermage-a technique that uses radio frequency (what?) to heat the deep layers of the skin while cooling the surface. This tightens the collagen which makes you look like a newborn baby! Look, I know plastic surgery can be bad and everything but Demi Moore’s face/body looks amazing. She looks younger than she did in Ghost which is actually kind of scary when you think about it.

Khloe Kardashian lost her virginity at age 14.

Continuing on their quest for world-domination, the Kardashian sisters stopped by The View yesterday to talk about their new tell-all book, Kardashian Konfidential (See how they made the title an alliteration by changing the “C” to “K”?) As part of their over-share fest, Khloe revealed how she regrets losing her virginity at fourteen to a much older guy. These Los Angeles kids grow up way too fast. When I was fourteen, I was going to movies with my mom, getting involuntary erections and wishing upon a star for clear skin.

Rihanna talks about fame, love and indirectly, getting the crap beaten out of her, in the new issue of Interview magazine.

Talking to Kanye West, she says, “”I think a lot of people have a misperception of me. They only see the tough, defensive, aggressive side. But every woman is vulnerable…It’s not a major part of who I am, but it’s definitely there. I just don’t like people to see me cry-I don’t like to let them know when I’m bothered. You know?” Kanye also asks her how it feels to know that she can turn a woman gay. She asks if that’s a real question (it is) and replies that she’s flattered.

Madonna opens a gym in Mexico City.

Seriously, she did.

David Arquette continues his post-separation party tour.

Since his split with Courtney Cox, David Arquette has been seen fraternizing with hooker-esque babes in Miami and drinking a lot. In other words, he’s having a typical mid-life crisis and thanks to technology/incessant celebrity coverage, we get to see every second of it.

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