5 Ways Houseplants Can Be Utilized To Beautify A Kitchen


Your kitchen is the most important room in your home. It’s where you eat meals with your family. It’s where you share drinks with your friends. It’s where you feed your pets and cook with your spouse. Since your kitchen is such an important area of your home, you should dedicate some time to making it feel as welcoming as possible. The easiest way to do that is by adding more houseplants. They can transform any kitchen into the most beautiful room in the house.

Houseplants are in a lot of inspirational photos you see on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

While you’re in the process of beautifying your home, you might as well beautify your social media feed too! Once you’re finished decorating your kitchen with luxurious houseplants, you can snap photos of the greenery. After you land the perfect shot, you can show off the finished product on your social media. It will help inspire your followers to beautify their own kitchens. Or it will simply bring them a little bit of joy while they’re scrolling through their feed. Either way, with the help of social media, you will have the opportunity to show off your kitchen, even when you don’t have any company. 

Here are a few of the most popular houseplants that you have probably seen while scrolling through your social media feed lately:

Swiss Cheese Plants

Despite its unusual name, this is a beautiful plant native to tropical forests in southern Mexico. It has glossy, heart-shaped leaves that make it perfect for posting about online. Even though it would look beautiful in any section of your kitchen, it prefers full sun, so just make sure you don’t position it too far away from a window. 

String Of Pearls

These are popular hanging plants. They’re creeping, succulent vines that have beautiful, beadlike leaves. If you have a bad habit of forgetting to water your plants, this is the perfect choice for you, because they’re drought tolerant. If you go a little too long without watering them, then they aren’t going to suffer.

Boston Fern

These plants are perfect for kitchens with a lot of space because they can grow up to 40-90 centimeters. If you purchase one, make sure that you water it regularly, so the soil is always moist but not damp. You should also consider placing it by a humidifier, so it doesn’t dry out. This is the type of plant that requires constant care, so you can’t forget about it straight after posting on social media about it.

Houseplants bring warmth to the home that cannot be replaced. 

If you’re worried about your home coming across as too cold and uninviting, the quickest fix is to invest in a few houseplants. They will instantly make your house feel more like home. Of course, this isn’t unique to houseplants. We often bring in outside elements into the home to make it feel more welcoming. 

In addition to adding some greenery, you can try decorating your kitchen with other natural elements like wood, marble, stone, and copper. You can do this by adding a wooden table, marble countertops, a stone fireplace, or a copper sink. The natural elements are going to provide a tranquil, natural atmosphere. It will make you feel like you’re outside, even as you’re sitting in the comfort of your own home.

Of course, installing a fireplace in your home or even going through the process of changing out your sink can get expensive quickly. The biggest benefit to adding houseplants to your kitchen is that you can create your own budget. You can find just as many plants for a cheap, affordable price as you would for a high price. Plus, if you aren’t happy with the way they were delivered, you can always change their presentation. You can add your new plant to a ceramic or copper container and make it look even more beautiful than the day you bought it.

Houseplants are great for the kitchen, but where can they go?

It doesn’t matter what the size of your kitchen is, because even the smallest rooms can accommodate thick, lush houseplants. They’re versatile, which means as long as you choose the right fit, you can place them on any flat surface in the room. 

You can use larger plants as centerpieces for your kitchen table. You can place smaller succulents on countertops, on shelves, or on windowsills where they will receive plenty of sunlight. You can even get wall hangs in order to dangle your plant from an area of your kitchen without much decoration. It’s a cheap alternative to hanging expensive artwork or installing more shelving.

Here are a few of the best plants for every area of your house: 

Use anthurium plants as centerpieces

These plants are also known as flamingo flowers because of their brilliant pink color. If you’re looking for a centerpiece that is going to draw attention, this is the perfect plant to choose from. It’s not too high maintenance, but if you want it to look its best when company comes over, make sure you water it every one to two days.

Use cacti on small shelves, counters, or windowsills

These plants thrive in direct sunlight, which is why they’re perfect for placing on your windowsill. You only have to water them once a week in summer and every three weeks in winter, so they’re perfect for low-maintenance homeowners.

Hang air plants from your walls

You’ve probably seen these small plants (scientifically known as tillandsia) inside of terrariums, which are sealed transparent globes in which plants are grown. However, if you’re interested in hanging plants, there are multiple methods you could use. You can hang your plants with a hanging basket, on ceiling rope hangers, on ladder plant stands, suctioned to your window, or stuck to your fridge with a magnet planter. The options are endless.

Houseplants provide you with herbs and juices to use in the kitchen.

You don’t have to purchase plants for the sole purpose of making your kitchen look nicer. You can buy houseplants that are going to provide you with nutrients and are going to make your kitchen look nicer. 

Here are a few different houseplants that are capable of more than looking pretty:

Wheatgrass Grow Kits

If you buy wheatgrass grow kits, you can make your kitchen look aesthetically pleasing and get fresh juice in the process. Wheatgrass juice is high in nutrients and antioxidants. It also has the potential to reduce cholesterol, alleviate inflammation, and promote weight loss. That means, by buying wheatgrass grow kit, you can enhance the look of your home and enhance your own well-being.

Windowsill Greenhouses

If you purchase a windowsill greenhouse, you can grow fresh herbs to use when you’re cooking. The domes of these greenhouses retain heat and moisture which create the perfect environment for seeds trying to sprout. Even if you’ve never felt like you’ve had a green thumb before, this kit will make it easy for you to create your own miniature garden.

Tomato Plants

If you don’t have room for a garden outdoors and aren’t interested in an elaborate windowsill greenhouse, you can grow tomatoes from inside of your own home. As long as you keep the soil moist and leave the pots near a brightly lit area, then you should be able to flower the fruit inside of your kitchen. When they’re finished, you can wash them off, chop them up, and include them in your next meal.


Houseplants can make your home more beautiful while making you healthier.

Houseplants can do more than beautify your kitchen counters. They can also boost your physical health. Since houseplants release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide, they end up increasing oxygen levels and making it easier for you to breathe.

There are also plants that are able to remove indoor pollutants, cleansing the air. These include plants like chrysanthemum, bamboo palm, English ivy, peace lily, and spider plants. The more greenery you have inside of your house, the less indoor pollution will exist. That is why it’s recommended to have one plant per 100 feet of floor space.  

In addition to helping your physical health, houseplants can also be good for your mental state. There are studies that show the presence of plants improves concentration, memory, and productivity. That means filling your kitchen with plants it good for you physically, mentally, and aesthetically. 

Remember, it doesn’t matter how much time you have to dedicate to the upkeep of your kitchen. You don’t have to fall back on fake plants if you’re worried about whether you’re going to have enough time to water real ones every single day. As long as you do your research ahead of time, you can purchase a plant that requires as much (or as little) care as you’re able to provide. You can make sure that your kitchen looks warm and inviting without adding too much extra work to your own plate.