How Dare You Walk Into The Castle Of My Heart


How dare you
walk into the castle of my heart
cross the bridge
the moat
stamp your loud feet across the floor of my castle
bring the stench of your heart
to the white sheets of my bed
without your whole heart

How dare you
take me softly in your arms
and rustle my heart into life
without your whole heart

How dare you invite me
make a plan that is timeless
with you beside me in the passenger seat
without your whole heart

How dare you say you see a van of kids
that I am for a lifetime
with only half your heart available to speak to me

How dare you ask to keep me
once I know you are confused
confused men
can only love
with half their heart

I am a Queen
and this bed is only slept in by a King
who rises
and falls each night
with one woman stirring the air inside of his lungs
today the air you spoke wasn’t me.

Janne Robinson is a poet and author of
This Is For The Women Who Don’t Give A Fuck.
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