How Do I Move On When Everywhere I Look, All I See Is You?


The thing that will haunt you about love is the amount of effort you remember putting in for her. You can love the person the best you can and give her your entire world, but she could still leave for no reason.

Ironically, she’ll say she’s leaving to make you happy, but she doesn’t understand how much she meant to you. You loved her so much you gave up your world for her. You love her so much, you made her your world. But again it’s a risk, and sadly she doesn’t love you the way you love her.

No matter what you do to try to convince her she’s still gonna be stuck in her little planet because she was afraid to stay any longer on yours, no matter how much you fixed it up for her she’ll somehow fines the audacity to just jump off, leaving your world the way you fixed it up for her.

What’re you to do now with that planet? That small place you set up just for her. It doesn’t exactly fit you cause you fixed it up so that it could fit her to her liking. But she’s gone now and she’s hardly looking back. She doesn’t understand how hard you’ve worked for her, how much you changed your little space just to make her feel at home with you.

She’ll say sorry and she’ll just stand by as you collapse alone in that planet you made for her. Is that what we call love? Is that even humane? Damn your space is all about her now, she didn’t even take you with her. How is that love? How can she just watch you get hurt when all you did was make sure she wouldn’t?

What am I to do now, but walk around this planet. Every step I take hurts cause everywhere I look all I see is you, and how you liked things. Cause I made my world fit to your liking. How can you expect me to just forget when everything about you is everywhere.

How do you live in your own little planet with the fact that you just rearranged mine.