How Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Manages Money


ESTP – Makes good money being a day trader, spends most of it on skydiving lessons.

ESFP – Only spends money on important things, like designer shoes and throwing killer parties.

ENTP – Spends entire paycheck on electronic gadgets but always finds a way to pay the rent.

ENFP – Goes through periods of working and saving and then spends everything travelling through South America.

ESTJ – Earns a good salary working in management, takes two vacations per year, and retires on time, with a pension.

ESFJ – Great at budgeting, occasionally splurges on something expensive if all their friends are doing it.

ENTJ – Makes millions as a CEO, ‘retires’ by 40 but remains majority shareholder of several multinational companies.

ENFJ – Starts a commune / cult and lives on the proceeds of the faithful.

ISTP – Earns a living playing online poker, buys at least one motorcycle.

ISFP – Is a starving artist, but wouldn’t have it any other way.

INTP – Basically everything goes toward tuition and subscriptions to science magazines.

INFP – Gladly gives last $10 to a homeless person, occasionally forgets to pay the electric bill.

ISTJ – Sets a strict budget, accounting for every dollar spent, down to the cent. Occasionally splurges and then feels guilty for weeks.

ISFJ – Lives frugally despite earning a decent income, leaves everything in their will to the SPCA.

INTJ – Optimizes spending and saving for maximum utility. Earns the exact amount statistically correlated with happiness, leaving enough spare time to work on side projects.

INFJ – Works long hours as a coach / therapist / guidance counsellor, eventually saving up enough to build an off-the-grid cottage / sanctuary in the woods.