How “Gay” Do You Sound?


Do I Sound Gay?, a thought-provoking documentary directed by David Thorpe, focuses on what it means to “sound gay,” from the cultural stigma of being a young gay kid with a lisp and a high pitched voice, to being a gay man with a masculine voice and even a straight guy with a “gay” voice. David Sedaris, Margaret Cho, Don Lemon and Dan Savage are among the talking heads.

How does something like a voice come to be wrapped up in so many stereotypes?

One of the toughest things you come to terms with as a gay dude is whether or not you “sound gay.” You storm out of the closet and people are all, “Girl. We already knew! Have you heard your voice!” Or they’ll be at the opposite end of the spectrum and seem surprised to learn you’re gay.

YOU’RE gay? What?! But you have such a boomy, masculine voice. You don’t seem the least bit gay!

Is this supposed to be a good thing? Sometimes.

People “on the apps” still want to have a sense of how masculine you are before they meet you, even after you’ve sent them 2-5 dick pics. Straight and gay people alike think you’re a “bottom” if you have a gayer, higher sounding lispy voice. There’s nothing wrong with being a total bottom with a big booming masculine voice and there’s nothing wrong with being an effeminate power top!

How does someone even learn to “sound gay,” anyway? Or maybe the question is what does “sounding gay” even mean?

Hopefully Do I Sound Gay will give some food for thought on this topic. You can see it on-demand beginning July 10th, or you can pop in to a screening if you live in these cities.

image – Shutterstock