How I Found The Courage To Move To A City I Barely Knew


It’s been nine months.

No, no; I didn’t conceive a baby… but in a way, I have been growing a brand new person: myself.   

It was nine months ago today when I got on a one-way flight and moved to Boston. As I flew over the Massachusetts coastline, I was in awe of the beauty. I was excited for the future. I had few plans, but a lot of faith; faith that I am trying to restore today.

Nine months ago, I wasn’t scared; somehow I knew everything would fall into place.

Is everything settled yet?  No, but I’m getting there – one day at a time. I’ve learned to build a foundation, step by step, to manifest a life I love.

It’s been a wild ride these past nine months. I imagined that my life would be much different than it is by now… but that’s okay. I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought I would. I’ve learned that I’m strong, resilient, and tougher than I think. I’ve learned that I can stay calm during a state of uncertainty and crisis. I’ve learned to stop doubting myself and to stop looking to the approval of others for my own happiness.

Equipped with only a few hundred dollars, three packed bags and a pros and cons list, I blindly moved to a city I barely knew. I followed signs and symbols to guide me here, as I had no idea where my life would take me last fall. I had nothing to rely on but faith.

People often ask me what brought me to Boston. It seems strange to answer, “a gut feeling,” but it’s true. After meeting someone from Boston and continuously noticing Massachusetts-related signs, I knew that New England was where I needed to go. The person I met from Boston advised me to write out a plan; so four notebook pages, a few journal entries, and a long conversation with my mother later, I bought a plane ticket, packed my bags, and was on my way.

Going with the flow of the universe seems to be a way of life for me.

I know it’s radical, but following my heart is the only way I know. I take signs very seriously, as I know they’re messages from my higher power.

Something also told me to start my blog. I can’t quite remember what it was, but six days into my new Boston life, I felt compelled to share my stories. After years of fashion blogging, running from city to city and job to job, I was exhausted. While I’ll always love fashion and style, I learned the importance of being happy in the present moment, for what I have, and living mindfully – in style. My days of “more” were long gone, and I decided to live a life of minimalism – and gratitude.

Over the past nine months I’ve learned the importance of having less logic and more wisdom. I moved to Boston for myself – for a fresh start, a new perspective, and a clean slate. I moved here for the versatility of both the city and nature; for the ocean, the rivers, the lakes. I find my serenity in the shore, where I am able to build a foundation of spirituality and peace.

Wherever you go, there you are, and today I know that no matter what city I am in, whatever job I have, or whatever is going on outside, I am okay just as I am.