How It Feels To Finally Be In A Good Relationship


It’s early morning and the new found sunlight beams through your hot pink, polka dotted curtains. You lie in bed for five more minutes reminiscing about the 6 hour sleep you have gotten while checking your phone, counting all the missed notifications and texts.

You gently turn your head a bit to your left, and there he is. He lies there, just like a newborn baby enjoying its first slumber outside of its first home. He shifts his body a bit towards you and his big, beautiful brown eyes begin to open.

You look at him as he looks at you, and he whispers, “Good morning,” with a smile on his face. You say, “Good morning, love” but you feel as if you’re in a dream. You just can’t fathom how privileged you are to wake up to someone who makes you feel things that you’ve never felt before, not even in your wildest of dreams.

You’ve been through so much hurt at the hands of boys from your past. You are anxious whenever a guy shows any romantic interest in you because you fear that it’s never long lasting, or the guy is just a devil in sheep’s clothing. You find it hard to trust a guy’s intentions because in your past, you’ve always been hurt, even if the guy is well intentioned.

You are like a defensive lineman in the NFL. You can take so many hits, but you always persevere. Nothing or no one can ever deeply deter you from getting to your next phase in life. You are smart, assertive, tough, yet sensitive, and he caters to almost all of those traits with care.

He’s everything that you could ever ask for, and yet, you feel undeserving. He is always there for you at all times. You ever need anything, he has your back. He never allows anyone to say anything bad about you in his presence and if they do, he fiercely defends your honor. He prioritizes you and always reaffirms that you are one of the most important things in his life.

He’s not afraid to show how much he loves and cares for you.

You know that he loves you deeply and unconditionally.

You took a chance with your current love, and you’re glad that you did. You realize as you’re sitting in bed that you, yes you, are deserving of the love that he’s giving you. You realize that if you gave into your anxiety, you would push him away, even if you didn’t want to.

“This is good,” you think to yourself. You catch him looking at you and you ask him, “ What?” He just smiles and says, “You just don’t know how lucky I am.” You smile back at him and gently kiss him. You get up to open the curtains and are happy to be experiencing the best joys of life while the sun beams hit your face.

Finally, you are happy and feel as if you’re worth something.