How Long Is Too Long To Wait For Someone?


How long is too long to wait for his call? To sit by the phone and wonder if he is ignoring your texts or truthfully left his phone at home? To get annoyed every time you see he is actively adding to his snapchat story, posting photos of himself lounging around doing nothing to prevent him from talking to you? How long is too long to wait before you realize that those three dots indicating that he is texting you will never appear because he has no intention of writing you back?

How long is too long to wait to go to sleep? When your eyes are so heavy but your mind is racing with thoughts of what he is doing in that exact moment? Is he lying in bed thinking of you too? Is he clinging to his pillow wondering when he gets to see you again? When you do drift off, your dreams are filled with fantasies of your lives together, but an instant sadness envelops you the next morning at the thought of how long you may have to wait for those dreams to come true.

How long is too long to wait to make other plans? When you had a special evening planned together, but he is nowhere to be found? When the reservations were cancelled and the movie had already begun, but you continue to tell yourself that he must just be running late? Or when you find yourself leaving your Saturday nights open so you are available just in case he wants to get together? At what time do you stop praying for him to want to spend time with you and for you to start seeing that there are others that do?

How long is too long to wait to date again? To finally admit to yourself that it is time to move on? To agree to a date and not wish that you were out with someone else? To not keep looking at the door, waiting to see if he walks in and sees you with someone else? To have a first kiss with someone new and not compare it to the kiss you still dream about each night?

How long is too long to wait for the wrong one? To give your heart to him, knowing he will mistreat it? To pour your all into a relationship that is not getting the same attention in return? To spend your nights in tears, wondering why he doesn’t show you he cares as deeply as you do about him? How long is too long to wait for Mr. Wrong to become Mr. Right? How long will you be waiting for an answer to the simple question of how long is too long?

You’ve already waited too long.