How Looking Back Will Help You To Move Forward


Many people seem to have this idea that the best way to live is in one steady direction. “Don’t look back – you’re not going that way,” they say. But they might just be wrong.

It’s certainly not that simple. What you don’t do is fall into old habits, make the same recurring errors and over analyze your mistakes. While it’s important to look forward to the future, there is also a whole lot to learn from the past. And while it’s exciting to look ahead to the new people, places and opportunities that are waiting for us, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t look back.

Why? Because your past is full of awful tragedies, amazing memories, unique experiences and life lessons. Your elementary and high school days with your best friends can be worth reminiscing. Your mistakes are worth understanding and because your lessons are undoubtedly worth sharing.

Look back because you aren’t the same person you were one or three or five years ago and that alone is worth realizing. Look back because there might have been feelings that you once overlooked that now make perfect sense. Look back because maybe, just maybe, there is something worth revisiting. And look back because you deserve to be incredibly proud of how far you’ve come.

Don’t be so afraid to look back – sometimes it might just help you move forward.

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