How Music Saved My Life


There’s this saying by Winston Churchill “If you’re going through hell, keep going” and it could not be any truer. Every morning we wake up thankful, to whatever god or high power we believe in, if any, to be alive another day. Some of us remain more thankful that others. I, myself, am thankful for every moment I am alive for the fact that my life can be taken away from me at any moment. Being such a young lady, age 22 when diagnosed and 23 now, discovering I have cancer was not only a shocker but an eye opener.

I remember the night my OBDGY called me with the news. It was 5pm and I was driving home from work. The tremble in her voice, and her request to bring someone with me, told me something bad was coming. That night of Feb 4th, 2014 felt like it was never going to end. I got little to no sleep and couldn’t contain my emotions, though I had to because I had not mentioned to very few, not even family, what was going on.

I locked myself in my room for the night and ignored all phone calls and texts. When my boyfriend arrived to my apartment to check in on me I finally broke, he knew what was coming, we both knew. 8am on Feb 5th, 2014 we anxiously waited in the Drs Office to receive the news we had known already; I was a victim of stage 2 breast cancer. I couldn’t contain myself and started to cry, my boyfriend kept composure and got the information I needed to move forward with the process.

Fast forwarding 5 months of very aggressing chemotherapy, hair loss and sickness I had received news that I was going into remission and could start to plan my surgery for a double mastectomy. I thought to myself it was finally coming to end, but how could it have happened so quickly. In less than 1 year I was diagnosed with cancer, went thought chemotherapy and had the surgery. Why did this happen, how did this happen. It finally hit me, the entire time through this chapter of my life I kept my head above the clouds and relied on music to keep my alive, music saved my life.

People who will never go through a scare like this will find it hard to grasp an understanding of a thing as simple as music can heal. Every day and every night, music was with me, wherever I was. I am thankful to all those involved in the healing process my biggest thanks goes to the sounds that kept my mind calm, the sounds I can relate to and to the healing powers of instruments and voices.

It is so very possible to cure yourself of whatever disease you may encounter with a holistic approach. A positive outlook and the sounds that soothed my soul kept, and are still keeping, me alive.

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