How Seeking Happiness In The Now Will Transform Your Life


Isn’t the best course of action in life to seek happiness in the now? I believe that as people, we have been conditioned to look at what we don’t have and focus on that. It seems counterproductive to me, because the more you think about the lack of something, the more it won’t show up in your life. If you are searching for a partner, searching for more money, searching for an abundance of anything, aren’t you affirming to the Universe that you don’t have it and you want more of what you don’t have? You’ve already established your trajectories; you live in a world where you’re already accustomed to your wants, so create the feeling of being prosperous now. If you can apply feeling good, focusing on the positives, you will pave that path for your creations to come to you! If you’re in a relationship that isn’t serving you, aren’t you focusing on the negative aspects of that partner? What traits of your partner do you think are being mirrored back to you, then? The good ones? I would 100% say no to that question!

If you are single and you are having choices of partners show up, but they are not what you are looking for, what are you focusing on? I bet that you are focusing on the negative attributes of what you don’t want. So what do you think the Universe sends you? I will tell you: The Universe sends you what you focus on! Start finding the good qualities and focus on that. Never force yourself to accept anything less than what you want, just zero in on the positives and the Universe will bring it to you. If you are looking for it, you’re sending out the vibe and energy that you must find it, which means you don’t have it. Again, more reinforcement to the great Universe that not having it is what you want.

In the absence of a relationship, you need to start believing in what you can’t see, feel or touch and have faith because in most cases, you are letting what is, control the direction of your thought rather than what you want to be. At some point, you need to take the “relationship” out of the equation because when you are in the feeling of being without that person, it has caused you to want them which brings about bad feelings. You need to feel good; you must care about how you feel, not about the person. Look at it this way, the person is a sure thing so start telling yourself that things always work out for me, I don’t need to worry about when they are coming, focus on the things that make you feel good! Start allowing yourself to believe in your wish fulfilled and take the pressure off yourself, refocus on something else, something that is fun, something that makes you smile.

Your quest in life needs to be getting in alignment with who you are so that when the right person comes, you will recognize each other. Allow your life to unfold naturally, run towards your dreams and passions, take chances, but most importantly, be happy! Stop looking online, stop looking around for them every time you are out, and just have faith in the fact that you will know that person when you see them. Never talk yourself into choosing anyone that doesn’t feel right, because the one you want will feel amazing!

Something is not better than nothing! All the relationships that haven’t worked out for you are not failures but progress to the right relationship. Tell yourself the story that you will know that person when you see them and them you. Start saying to yourself all the amazing things you crave—that person makes me laugh, that person allows me to show my strengths, that person is fun to be with, that person respects me and from the moment we met, there was a magnetic pull toward each other, that person loves to discover new things and go on adventures with me, that person is tender and passionate and always showers me with affection. It doesn’t matter how long it took to get there; the waiting was well worth it. Please stop worrying about it, because what is coming to you feels so good! Be happily satisfied in the interim and continue to add the power of storytelling and the power of your mind to manifest what you want. Imagine what the coming together of that person you desire will be like when you start to get in alignment with happiness when you trust that it’s done and you focus on the positive? You will get there a lot faster when you take the sting out of the absence of something and soothe yourself in the telling of the story to get there.

Every time you tell yourself the same story repeatedly, you set yourself back. You are stopping your dreams from manifesting because you are focusing on what you are missing and allowing that to dampen your spirits.  Feeling discouraged about the lack of something will put you out of sync with who you are. Break the habit of chronic overthinking and tell yourself the amazing story of what feels good! Stop thinking about it so much, stop obsessively telling yourself the negative outcome, and practice finding things you love unrelated to what you’re missing. You have the power in your hands, you are the creator of your world—you are living a great life and it’s yours!