How Thinking Positively Will Drastically Change Your Life For The Better


You always hear that the mind is a powerful tool, but I never really understood what that truly meant until I did my own research.

I’ve always been a super positive person, but I noticed that throughout time I had let my surroundings disturb my peace and alter the way I perceived situations. I wanted to not only go back to being the positive me, but become more conscious of what the mind is capable of doing — so I investigated.

Every day is a chance to change the way you think and react to situations. If you’re doing the following five things it might be time to change your mindset.

1. You’re always negative.

If you constantly feel like the Universe is conspiring against you, then it will be. This isn’t because the Universe is mean and doesn’t like you — it’s because that’s the energy you’re putting out there. You are not your circumstances, you are how you react to your circumstances.

2. You let people, or events affect your peace.

You know when you’re in a great mood — you didn’t catch any traffic and your coffee tastes extra great, but then your co-worker or a client just pisses you off. What typically happens then? Someone “puts you” in a bad mood. It’s crazy to think we give someone so much power over our emotions. Why do we let the actions of others dictate how we feel? Emotions are an inside job and sorry, we’re not hiring.

3. Nothing makes you happy.

This is when you have so much to be grateful for, but it’s never good enough. Now, I’m not talking about wanting more in life. I am talking about those that are never grateful for anything they have. You have to learn to be happy over anything and everything.

4. You think too small.

I think we’re all afraid of failure in one way or another, but setting the bar low because you’re afraid of dreaming too big and “failing”, shows you don’t believe in yourself. You have to believe in your greatness before anyone else can believe in it. You can do anything in this world. Stop thinking small. Don’t listen to people that think small; they don’t understand the vision that was given to you.

5. You’re always stressed.

Stress is a strong indication that you lack faith. I used to always stress out and find things to stress about — weird, right? I used to feel like if I wasn’t stressing about something, then I was forgetting about something. Honestly I find myself still doing that from time to time, but I’m consciously working on it.

Trust God and have faith that things will work out, like they always do. Stressing out never makes any situation better, if anything, it makes things more difficult.

There’s a solution for everything in this world except death. Change your mind, change your life.