How Thought Catalog Changed My Life Forever


I’ve always been an avid reader of Thought Catalog since my freshman year. I discovered it on Twitter through someone I was following and I got curious, and so it led me to these articles. Since then, I haven’t stopped reading.

During times when I find it hard to sleep or when something’s bothering me a lot, Thought Catalog is my go-to. It helps me feel at ease because it makes me feel like someone understands me. It helps me get through my darkest times. It’s like the kind of friend who knows just what to say when everything doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, the kind of writer that can reach out to people and inspire. If there is one thing that I’m passionate about, it is writing. I’ve tried my luck submitting my pieces to different platforms but they were never accepted. So I was surprised when Thought Catalog emailed to tell me that my piece was posted and was live on their website. I was very ecstatic. Who would have thought that the piece I wrote during a very depressing time of my life that I submitted during 3a.m. would be accepted. I’m in awe.

Maybe for other people it isn’t a big deal, but it is for me. It feels like I am finally coming out. I feel like I am finally acknowledged and heard. It gives me a tremendous amount of courage to really pursue my dream.

So thank you, Thought Catalog. You’ve changed me in unimaginable ways.