How To Actually Make It Through The Holidays While Dealing With Your Weird Family


Over the years I’ve learned that no one has a normal family, literally NO ONE. Each family has their own crazy cast of characters even if they try and hide it- they exist. Some are embarrassing, some fight, and some laugh so hard they cry. And most family events resemble a zoo- wild (drunk) animals everywhere, especially during the holiday season. As much as you love all of your relatives you can’t help but get slightly anxious for what’s in store when everyone gets together. You never know how this year will turn out but here’s a few helpful tips on getting through the holiday season alive.

First and foremost, you have to really think about where you would be without your family- big or small. The second your chatty aunt starts asking you 100 questions a minute or there’s 12 screaming children running around, think about how boring the holidays (and every other day) would actually be without these people. You know that family always has your back 110% of the time even if some of them have a wacky way of showing it.

But if someone is actually driving you insane (i.e. asking why you’re in your 20’s and still single and living at home) just move to another area of the room or house. I like to use the “Excuse me, I need another drink” excuse because let’s be real I usually do need one anyway.

The holidays are really about giving. Sure, receiving gifts is awesome too but I absolutely love giving gifts to my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins that I know they are going to love. It makes them feel good and you feel good. So harness that positive energy of how great it feels knowing you made someone smile with your simple gift and love.

The truth is as nice as family time can be, all of the small chit chat, loud music and tons of food can take a lot out of you so make sure you rest up and relax prior to any big holiday festivities. I know I’m always in a better mood when I’ve had enough sleep and most importantly when I’m not hungover.

And speaking of the food, this is always one of the best parts of family events and the holiday season, tons of home cooked comfort food. So if there’s nothing else to look forward to there is always that reward.

Honestly, at the end of the day all you can really do is suck it up and go into the holidays with a positive spirit because you know what they say, you can’t pick your family. Besides even if we could you have to admit we’d all probably pick our own crazy families all over again. You don’t want to be known as the family “scrooge” so put on that ugly holiday sweater, take the embarrassing family photo and enjoy all the crazy times while they last.

Oh and lots and lots and lots of wine really helps too!