How To Be Vulnerable


Ten seconds is all you need. Just those few seconds of courage. I’ve talked about it before, and I’m bringing it up again: taking the leap.

Our instincts tell us what’s right. Our logic confirms or deters us from that decision. We know, despite occasional doubt (okay, sometimes more than occasional) what is meant for us, at some level, in some way, at some point. We know. We know we have to act. We know that life is stagnant until we start the ripple effect. We know that this moment of vulnerability is one of the most terrifying and raw moments of our existence.

But the raw moments are the most genuine and transformative. They’re some of the most poignant experiences we have. Taking the leap means accepting that we can and very well might lose everything… but we still do it because there’s also a chance that we could make for ourselves what we so ardently desire.

I know what I should be doing right now. Literally, right now, as I’m sitting and typing this, there’s a leap I should be taking. And you know as well. You know what’s right in your heart, and you know what you should do. Talk to him. Make amends, break it off, go back to school, see a doctor, get help, learn to love again.

The way to move past your vulnerability is to embrace it. Release yourself from egotistical ideas that you have to be a flawless and prideful person. I’m most enamored by people who are courageous enough to embrace their vulnerability and are comfortable in the fact that they are flawed and raw and really god damn scared. These make for the most beautiful people and moments in our lives, the moments where we are touching on something that is so inherently a part of who we are it makes us afraid to even address it.

How you can be vulnerable is by embracing all the vulnerability that you naturally possess. Be fearless by not allowing your fears to control you; fear itself will never dissipate. I do this at some level every day when I admit my faults and shortcomings and flaws to thousands of people. I hope that people will look past what I’m saying and see that I’m allowing myself to be vulnerable and raw for a reason. Often, it’s not what you say but the fact that you’re saying it.

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