How To Channel Your Senses To Awaken Your Inner Badass


Ever capture a striking aroma that awakens an overwhelming sensation of nostalgic presence? Ever pass a symphony of melodic voices and notice a tingly sensation erupt from your heart, dancing effortlessly through your veins? Ever spot a strange animal in a canvas of wild terrain and embrace the instantaneous connection, one that unearths a natural congruency from the depths of your core? Ever notice the brisk air brushing your cheek, gently penetrating your outermost skin cells and sending chills throughout your whole body? Ever discover a mind-blowing flavor complex, close your eyes, and unravel an intricate story that harmonizes your tastebuds with your soul?

Take a moment. Pause and consider how these sensory gateways relay an honest story and how they have the beautiful capacity to shed a subtle yet mind-altering light on what lies beyond the extraordinary naked eye—and beneath our superficial physical conception.

Believe it or not, the somatic multi-sensorial playground us humans often mindlessly inhabit is capable of shapeshifting our well-being, elevating our minds, and influencing our epic evolutionary makeup. These sensory pathways—or as I often like to refer to them, our innate superpowers (watch out Batman)—have a dramatic influence on both our complex physical bodies as well as our deeply rooted psychological assets. So why unknowingly ignore them? Or even pass them by without a simple observatory lense? Instead, let us hop on this wild ride of life, leading with true presence and the universal key to unlock the portals all of us subconsciously use to intimately interact with the world around us—the senses. 

Your Sensory Superpowers

We are living through a gnarly period of desensitization. The good news? We are 100% capable of rewiring the sometimes-robotic internal narrative and shifting how we not only view ourselves and each other, but also how we draw true sensorial awareness to the world around us. Heck yes, we are an intricate kaleidoscope with the incredible capacity for mindful exploration. So, let’s begin to wake up, tune in, and nurture all that is.

Tantalizing Touch

First, let’s talk about touch. Our sense of touch is the first that we develop as vulnerable baby humans. It is through this sense that we can intimately interact with the world. It is an essential piece of the puzzle when considering overall health, emotional balance and unmasked happiness. There is no doubt that our sense of touch holds the powerful ability to convey compassion from one human to another. While it creates consistent movement in the body, it can also majorly influence how we make decisions. Fun fact: Our skin is the largest organ in the human body, impacting how we feel and simultaneously creating a physical and emotional reaction from the center of our glorious core. It is through this unique pathway that we have the ability to penetrate the superficial layers of ourselves and make a tangible connection with what lies on the periphery of our bodies and within our vast, Earthly landscape.

Sorcerous Sight

Next, we take a deep dive into sight. There is no doubt that all of the senses play a major role in our lives; however, our sense of sight may arguably be one of the most important. But, why? Because it enables us to shatter those innately stoic walls and honestly perceive, interact and navigate the world around us. Simply put, our eyes are the windows through which we absorb and respond to essential information from the outside. The imagery and light that cross our line of sight at any moment in time is considered part of our ‘subtle body’ or field of the mind. Something as simple as colors and textures can actually alter the way we think, behave and react. Powerful, eh? It is through this sensory portal that we can truly cultivate an initial perception, judgment or reaction. So, let’s honor that.

Stabilizing Sound

Our sense of hearing and the gift of sound provides us with a VIP pass for communication, emotion, and perception of the self, as well as our environment. It is through this channel that we can instill equilibrium within the body and mind. Words and communication play one HECK of a role in our symphony of emotions. Sound is a significantly potent and transformative energy with the ability to trigger deep, emotional reactions from all ends of the spectrum. Think of how your favorite song makes you feel? Also, consider those fired-up motivational speakers, or maybe even the unified “OM” in a yoga class. Next time, tune in with intent and notice a whole heap of sensations arise. Not only is this a crucial ingredient for existing as a human, but it is also a way of creating authentic connection with our dope souls as well as those around us.

Scintillating Smell

Mm, how wonderful is the smell of fresh chocolate-chip cookies, an aromatic lavender bubble bath, or even a retired pillowcase with a subtly reminiscent story attached to its surface? Take another moment to imagine these simple scenarios. How do they make you feel? Our sense of smell awakens the button within the self that ignites a past or present memory (often one of pleasure or pain) while also creating an innate emotional reaction towards our surrounding environment, things, and people. It is through this unique sensorial doorway that we can begin to familiarize and make genuine interactions and associations with the world. Hold on real tight, ’cause smells have the powerful capability of blasting you into a distant memory and filling your vessel with instant nostalgia while still manifesting as an undeniable sensation of presence.

Transformative Taste

Honestly, what would our lives be like without a sense of taste? Assumably a whole heck of a lot blander. Now, to get a bit technical, the sensory receptors on the tongue are considered the braille of our body and a way we can comprehensively engage with the flavors of food and soak in the emotions it evokes from the depths of our soul. Amidst the epic world of taste, we can unearth deep emotional responses from within, just as the intricate elements of tone and voice have the capacity to invoke chilling sensations from within. Mindfully harnessing this simple “sensory” power will not only connect your taste palate with the complex stories woven into the outside world but it can also tap into an untamed part of yourself that has the potential to fully connect as well as influence those around you.

The “Sixth” Sense

Last but not least, we have the sense that ties the rest into one big, beautiful bow. Our sometimes forgotten key and yet considerably the most important. The “sixth” sense is responsible for that sneaky gut feeling also known as our intuitive center. In other words, it is through this portal where our deep connection to the Self and our external environment resides. Although intangible, the voice of intuition is always there: present but strategically hidden. Through this notable (and maybe a tad enigmatic) sense, we have the awesome ability to access an insightful symmetry within the mind and body, establish an authentic connection with others, and converse with the internal messengers, knowingly guiding us into the crossroads of meaningful interaction and badass growth.

So, if you’re not yet convinced on how these sensory portals can drastically change (and naturally enhance) this unpredictable journey of life, then try it out for yourself. There is no doubt that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual layers of these accessible channels are limitless. And, well, we’ve only just scratched the surface. Tune in to what is already woven within the wonderful web of the Self to amplify how you feel and perceive the everyday story.