How To Cope With Going Bald In Your 20s


Most of us who have this issue have known the inevitable was coming for a long while. It starts in high school, as your high line precedes to rescind itself to the back of your head. You still have decent coverage, so it’s generally not a concern….Then it happens; you see a picture of yourself and notice that patch of scalp that is highlighted on the top side of your dome. When the hell did this happen? Goes through your mind and you run your hand through your whispy thin hair and realize that It’s all slowly coming to an end. 

I can’t help but think of Seinfeld, when George Constanza is giving a pep talk to a balding man named Kurt and is explaining how the classic “horse shoe” shape is beginning to mask itself around the guys dome piece. His only advice, “Live damn it! As in 9 months you won’t be Kurt anymore.” 

It doesn’t have to be that way though, we can accept our baldness and not try to hide behind a few spindly combover hairs right? Obviously, you first need to cut your hair short. The longer it is the more painstaking your baldness is protruding out into the world. Let it go and head for a short buzz or even go for the Mr. Clean look. Once you have your image in order, it’s time to start thinking of the positive rungs of baldness. Yes, there are some positive points, you just have to appreciate the small things:

1. First off, you only need to buy one bottle of shampoo for the rest of your adult life. The dime sized dollop you use each morning will save you those trips to the cosmetic section of Target for years to come. 

2. Never worry about hat hair ever again. Throw on a cap and then once dinner comes you can take that hat off without an ounce of uncertainty of how your hair looks. This also goes for the I’m late for work and can’t shower, no more greasy bed head to be had.

3. Haircuts are out. No more needed trips to the barber as you can clipper cut or bic your head right at home. If your life is boring and you need to get out of the house you can always schedule an appointment with that hot number that used to cut your hair. 

4. Letting go of the hope that Rogaine will give you back the hair you once had. If you use it, fine. But, It’s another method that is keeping you from excepting who you are in the end and that is a bald man. Embrace that shit!

5. That goes into my last positive of baldness –you are now being who you are and are comfortable in your own skin. This is the most important aspect of life and it will help you with everything from dating, to advancing in your career. Let that bald head shine on and start living your life today!