How To Curate The Perfect Capsule Wardrobe


How many of you have considered a capsule wardrobe or already have a capsule wardrobe? For those who don’t know, it’s a minimalist wardrobe and you can only style what you have. You don’t shop regularly and there is probably a good chance that if you wanted to achieve this, you might donate a lot.

Most people would probably freak out at the idea of getting rid of their clothes, as most of the clothes have a good story to tell. You met your husband at a Christmas party wearing your favorite sequin dress. You have a lucky hat. You got a promotion wearing your favorite necktie. You stood in line for over 12 hours waiting for your favorite Jordans. You get what I’m saying. Minimalist fashion is not about getting rid of your favorite clothes. In fact, you should probably keep some of them but donate the others that give you mixed feelings. If it doesn’t bring you joy, let it go.

I’ve had on and off thoughts about a capsule wardrobe. My husband and I share a walk-in closet and I noticed last year that I was making very messy piles on the top shelf. Last week, I had nowhere to put my T-shirts and I found a spot on the side stacked on top of shoe boxes (with shoes that I haven’t worn in over two years). My husband enjoys shopping and feels the need to buy me things even when I don’t want them—clothes and shoes that I know I can live without. I used to be a shopaholic in the past, but now, I choose to enjoy the finer things in life, like crafting, binge watching my favorite TV shows, and learning new recipes. But for someone that has too much and gets high on shopping, can it be achieved?

How to start a capsule wardrobe:

Patience. Before you even start, remember that this will not all happen in one day. Collect your thoughts but don’t take forever getting through your clothes. Move at a steady pace. Also, your wardrobe will not be like anyone else’s. No comparing. No overthinking.

1. Essentials. You can’t go wrong with the basics. Keep some basic tops and T-shirts, casual pants/skirts/dresses, shoes, and blazers. These items can help maximize your wardrobe and pair well with statement pieces.

2. Statement clothes. Your wardrobe may be filled with lots of neutral tones, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring. If you have bold prints and colors, keep your absolute favorites, but remember, the idea is to minimize.

3. Coats and jackets. Keep at least one heavy coat if you live in a really cold region and maybe two light jackets.

4. Shoes. Pairing down shoes can be a struggle. Keep a few basic black and brown dress shoes, one or two pairs of winter boots, and a few pairs of sneakers.

5. Accessories. Letting go of accessories is just as hard as letting go of shoes. Find a small jewelry box and if it fits, keep it. If you have jewelry that you haven’t worn in over a year, let it go. If your jewelry is in a tangled mess, also let it go. Keep a pair of gloves, a few hats, and scarves for the winter.

6. Others. Obviously, keep your swim clothes, uniforms, and anything else that has a reasonable purpose.

Simple, right? (LOL.)