How To Cut Through The Chaos And Listen To Yourself


What we don’t realize about our intuition is that it usually presents itself as a whisper. It’s this tiny voice that exists in the back of your mind, a calm even-keeled voice, powerful, but small in its vocalization. This is why we can’t hear it. This is why we make a disaster out of our lives. It’s impossible to hear an intuitive whisper when our lives are chaos. This is why they say to meditate, because, at the very least, what it does is relax your mind long enough to hear that whisper. Otherwise, we gloss over it.

We pick out the nearest emotion to feel, the nearest reaction, the nearest conclusion. And, when our lives are already in chaotic flux, our minds running rampant, our nearest thoughts are from fear, because they are loud as all hell. Loud, screaming bellows. Big, crazy reactions. Insane, ridiculous conclusions. Our intuition is over there whispering to us, trying to give us the peace we crave, yet our fear, our ego, is yelling like a rowdy drunk at the bar. How can we hear over that racket? (The answer is: we can’t.)

The reason we believe and follow the ego, which is born out of our fear, is because it’s the loudest voice in our head. Simple. And, also, because we don’t trust the simplicity of our intuition. We don’t trust that beautiful things are meant to happen to us. We don’t trust we are meant to have peace. We don’t trust that there’s a world outside of our chaos, because all we have known is chaos. All we have known is psychosis, stress, and an inability to harness our expectations or peace of mind.

Now, this doesn’t mean that our intuition will always lead us to butterflies and rainbows and unending joy. But, our intuition leads us to our Highest Good, which, of course, is confusing because of what we’ve made the word “good” mean in our society. Good, in the context of Highest Good, means it’s our most peaceful choice, the one that does not come with intense resistance. This doesn’t always mean it will lead us to happiness, but it will lead us to our next experience. It will prepare us for what we desire, what we are attempting to create. Our lives don’t follow a linear path, so, following our Highest Good, will take us onto the zigzagged path of where we’re desiring to go. We create it. Yet, what we desire to create, we can often resist the path to fruition by simply ignoring our intuition all together.

This is why it’s important to quiet our minds. To be mindful. To meditate. Not sit on the ground for five minutes and meditate kind of meditate, although we can do that, too. But, anything that allows your mind some peace, that allows for some space to come in, that allows for a whisper to be heard. When we go through our lives on survival autopilot and just survive, survive, survive, we are missing the magic. When we tune our life out with television, phones, internet, anything that distracts us from the business of listening to ourselves, we are missing out on the next miracle. We need to allow our minds and our soul to breathe, to give us the next whisper, because that’s when it really starts to happen. That’s when it really starts to get interesting. That’s when life goes from a survival mode rollercoaster to a heart-centered adventure into experiences that you couldn’t have dreamt up, but of which completely ignite you.

Isn’t that we all crave? To feel alive? What we think of when we chase happiness is actually not happiness at all. We crave aliveness. We crave the feeling of being completely within our lives. We crave the heart-stopping surprise moments that we never expected. We crave the opportunity to go down a path that leads us to something more beautiful than we ever imagined. This is what we truly desire. And, it’s not a straight line there. But, first, it requires that whisper. To listen to that whisper and then, simply, to listen again.