How To Date A High-Maintenance Woman


Some men would argue that dating a high maintenance woman is too much work. That the risk is not worth the reward. They’re needy stuck up self centered bitches. Well, they’re probably right most of the time. But good-hearted high maintenance woman do exist out there and if you’re lucky enough to find one, here’s a few things you need to know.

Patience is a virtue

We high maintenance women take pride in our appearance and spend hours daily perfecting the look. Our makeup is always camera ready and hair is always perfectly styled, it’s non-negotiable, it’s our way of life. To achieve this level of perfection, we need a solid two hours to prepare ourselves. Being fashionably late is unavoidable, it’s going to happen and you better get used to it. Whether it’s running to the grocery store to grab some milk or going out for date night, you can always expect your lady to look nothing less than perfect. And for that, you’re welcome.

Shopaholics anonymous

Spending hundreds of dollars on clothes is nothing out of the ordinary. When you look good, you feel good and nothing feels better than walking around in a pair of killer heels with a wicked handbag to match. Yes, we will probably lie to you when you ask us how much these shoes cost but that’s not what’s important. What is important is how good we look wearing them. It’s probably in your best interest if you don’t know how much we paid for them anyways. To look the best you have to buy the best. Which is why make-up is another item we have no issue dishing out money for. Nothing is more euphoric than walking into Sephora and seeing that they’ve fully restocked your YSL mascara. Pure bliss.

Compliments are key

Do you think we get all dolled up for nothing? No. We want to know that all this time, money and effort didn’t go unnoticed. Yes, we think highly of ourselves but we also want to hear that you think highly of us too. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a one way street. We’ll be more than happy to let you know when you look great too because who doesn’t love having their ego stroked once in a while? So even though we know we look good, don’t forget to mention it multiple times throughout the day.

It’s the little things

Yes, we may enjoy the finer things in life a little more than your average Joe but we can also appreciate the little things too. We love to be spoiled. Regularly. I’m not just talking on special occasions and holidays, I’m talking on a Monday after a long day at work and you show up with roses simply because you wanted to. It doesn’t have to always be extravagant – although it better be for my birthday. We just want to know that you’re thinking of us. Always.

Fashion first

The world is our runway and we plan to kill it every time we step out onto it. There’s no such thing as over dressing when you’re a high maintenance woman. We dress to impress 24 hours a day, 7 days a week regardless of what we’re doing it. It’s just the way it is, don’t fight it, and embrace it. You’ve got a show stopper on your arm, you should be grateful.

Our esthetician is our BFF

Another thing you should know about dating a high maintenance woman is that nothing will come between her and her nail appointment. Oh, it’s your sister’s birthday today? Sorry but I have to get my nails done. Our esthetician is most definitely on speed dial, because you never know when your polish could chip or god forbid break a nail. The struggle is real, OK. You’ve become a regular and everyone in the salon knows you by name. They also know your profession, marital status, likes and dislikes, and any drama that is currently happening in your life. She’s your one and only and the thought of having to find a new one eventually gives you serious nightmares.

Underneath all the superficiality of it, we really do mean well and have a good heart. We love immensely and in turn expect the same. Is that really too much to ask for? We don’t think so.