How To Deal With A Bad News Event


It doesn’t matter who is President:

  • If I’m sick in bed. So stay healthy.
  • If I’m around toxic people who bring me down. So be around people you love and who love you. Avoid the toxicity so you can be the light people turn to.
  • If I don’t write down ten ideas a day. I am the most important mover of my chances in life. So I need to exercise that creativity muscle to move forward every day if I want to have impact.
  • If I’m not grateful for the beautiful things around me. Life is too short not to be grateful today.

Everything else will be sometimes good and sometimes bad. Like all life.

But the above four things I can do my best to make true every single day. This is how I have impact on myself. This is how you become the beacon for change.

And that impact will ripple through the people I know. And so on. That’s the only way a society grows and changes for the better.