How To Deal With The In-Between Days


Isn’t it funny how people always contemplate life at the airport? Maybe it’s because you’re in-between where you were and where you’re going. You look back what you’ve done, and you know your destination so you have this moment entirely to yourself to just be. When you’re in a place of waiting, you can’t quite start something new and you can’t go back, so you are forced to just exist in the present.

The waiting complex has embodied my life entirely recently. I just finished a project and now I’m waiting for my next project to take flight. It’s a strange feeling because it’s like I’m in a waiting room at a doctors office, but I’m not sick. I’m actually cured and I’ve never felt better about my purpose in life. So this waiting room is a funny place to be, I’m exuding an electric shinning star yet I’m sitting down reading magazines.

Waiting is tedious, but what’s special about these in-between moments is you remember what it’s like to be human. In the airport you might notice children running around, or you “people watch” which can display how we exist in our purest form and that can inspire you to create stories or remind you of a person in your life you need to contact or even it can calm you down and allow you to appreciate your life for just a moment.

I believe it is gravely important to wait. With waiting you get to pause and look around and have one moment in your life where you are suspended in time and space. Waiting should not be taken for granted. Even if you are waiting after a time of great sorrow, you should learn to appreciate this gap in time to rebuild yourself. If you are waiting after a moment of fulfillment, you need to use that time to keep yourself floating, using that momentum to achieve again while also using the pause to look around and see how far you’ve come.

The in-between can feel unsteady, a limbo of sorts, and it can definitely be scary. But remember, if you don’t stop every once in a while, you’ll never get to smell those dang roses.