How To Destroy Yourself


Develop a thick skin to soften the blow when the sting of a sentence has the same impact as a Molotov cocktail.

Sharpen your tongue and place yourself on a pedestal so that you are resilient and unreachable, above and alone.

Put all your faith in somebody who wouldn’t extend a hand if you were drowning, and then drown yourself in their kiss.

Lose yourself to their riptides, but know it’s useless to swim against the current, and gag as the bitter taste of salt enters your mouth.

Forget what it’s like to feel more than a surging numbness until you walk alone in a sharp, misty rain, appreciative of its force.

Close in on anything that could fill the vacancy even if it makes you sick – literally sick to your stomach – because at least it’s something.

Forget and ignore how beautiful the sky can be when its colors fade from lavender to tangerine as the sun sets time after time.

Withdraw from everything and everybody you love, but search hopelessly for a connection even though it was already there.

Look around the hellish world you’ve created and find a dream, a hope, an idea, anything to desperately hold on to.

Find a soothing voice that reminds you of happiness and home, a voice belonging to someone who can guide you to light.

Shed your wintered skin and loosen your chains, because nobody wants to be a prisoner in their own body and mind.

Begin to notice that the birds still sing, even if you stopped listening, and the sky, under gray clouds, will always have that blue veneer.

Remember that life is worth living, even if you’ve stopped trying, and love is worth finding, even when you aren’t looking.

Peer out the window on any given day to make sure that the moon, the sun, the stars, and the world are still there.

Just like the moon waxes and wanes and the tide rolls in high and low, life lifts you up and down. You know this deep down, don’t you?

Humans are nothing if not resistant, and even once dejected and destroyed, we can always be found. We can always build ourselves back up again.

featured image – Tippi T