How To Fall In Love With Him



This prose is a recipe, a congregation of ethos, a how to of sort. This prose is for you, whoever you may be. This is your call to action, your call to give in to him.

Meet him by accident in a coffee shop, in a bar, in class, at work, somewhere. Meet him through someone you know, maybe family or a friend. Maybe he’s someone you’ve always known, or someone you’ve just discovered. Just meet him, whoever he is and wherever you two find yourselves. See his eyes settle on you from afar. Wonder if the recipient of his gaze is you or someone else. Be assured it’s you, when he walks over and if he doesn’t at first, approach him yourself. Have conviction and walk with the strength of your worth. The first step is the hardest as the cliché states but once the tale begins, the rest enfolds with ease.

Talk of trivialities at first, surroundings, people, weather, and things of that sort. Share your unwritten Wikipedia pages. Watch one of you laugh with nerves. Admit to this, admit how novel this feels for the both of you but also, how promising. Exchange numbers and reach a consensus to continue this rendezvous. Follow up with texts. Fill the absence with messages and calls. Find yourself reaching for your phone in earnest more and more. Find yourself anticipating him, yearning to hear his voice and thoughts. Finally meet him again after time passes. Resume what you never finished. Do this over and over. See him through a different lens and watch as his presence grows on you.

Slowly then, fade into him. Fade into his allure and let his gaze draw you in. Feel the softness of lips on yours and keep it like this, right here where it feels so right. Feel the heat of his body that lulls you to the place of comfort. Let his arms shield you, let his warmth ignite whatever died in you long ago. Allow him, allow his light to pull you from the darkness that weighted you. Allow him to rectify your loneliness. Let him show you what your past loves couldn’t. Give his gleaming eyes a chance. Feel that, feel how easy this is? Let go, let go of your inhibitions. Don’t fight it, don’t fight the potential of you and him. You are at the cusp of something great, at the point where you might just fall for him.

But what if there is another type of falling? What if you fall out of love, into a consuming black hole of heartache? What if there’s rejection or unrequited feelings? What if he leaves, or you? What if love doesn’t suffice?

But what if you fall the right way, what if you truly do fall in love? Don’t let the subjective what if’s of failure impede your happiness. Don’t be apprehensive, be brave. Don’t be fearful of heartache, embrace it because even if you do crash, you won’t burn. The only ramifications will be scars that serve as lessons of love. These are reminders of what worked and didn’t, of what to do the next time. And if this is the foreseen conclusion, kindly thank love, thank him for visiting and teaching you. Regardless of how this tale goes, he will be a teacher of how to love or not to, but to experience the former, you have to take the risk of the latter. I know it’s frightening, I know there are no guarantees. I know you’re scared but you can’t let fear hinder your attempt. How else will you learn? How else will you have a chance at happily ever after if you don’t at least open the gate to paradise?

You deserve this, you deserve him. So go ahead and fall, fall hard and fast, in whatever beautiful entanglement that becomes of you two. Say yes to him, say yes to bliss. Say yes and fall in love with him and the encompassing hope he emits.