How To Fill The World With Positivity & Love


What if you realized you could be doing better? Not in terms of your career or your calculable successes but in terms of transmitting love and positive energy into the universe? Things aren’t necessarily bad or negative, but they could be better; more happy, more peaceful, more rewarding. How can a person actively cultivate goodness in their life?

Humans like to do nice things for each other because it makes them feel good- it’s sort of selfish, actually. We mirror each other’s reactions to things and connect in many subconscious, even physiological, ways. It would make sense that we want to share positivity so that we can catch the double positivity as it ricochets and multiplies. It’s not hard to see, and it’s pretty much as simple as that, but let’s think about the steps we can take to incorporate this in all aspects of our lives.

Individually, giving yourself positivity is the first step. Forgive yourself for mistakes, say goodbye to regrets or choices that have expired, love your body. From your baby toes to your smile, it is the machinery you have forever. Treat it well, listen to your skin, your nerves, your muscles, your gut, give them what they need. On the most rudimentary level: most of us are lucky to have clean drinking water, so take advantage of this opportunity. Not everyone is as lucky.

Think about the organisms within your immediacy on a daily basis. Maybe you live with your family, your roommates, lovers, animals, or even non-motile things like plants. Give them your equal respect. Treating your domicile with care enriches the daily rhythms of your life. By infusing your living environment with love, you create a nurturing place to grow individually as well as a community.

Outside of our homes we encounter lots of new faces. Behind every new face is a story, a piece of information that we didn’t know before, something we can learn from, be inspired by, or simply connect with. Life would be boring if we didn’t acknowledge the gift of this potential. Even though some of us wear uniforms, that doesn’t change the fact we’re human. The human has a highly developed prefrontal cortex, which enables it to cognize, plan, analyze, and interpret or express abstract concepts. From one brain to another, why not explore the cooperation of a species?!

After a while of this, it’s easy to accumulate many valuable relationships. But what keeps a relationship going? It’s important to take the time to acknowledge the value of your relationships, and foster their growth by being generous. Everyone has been a baby so we all know what it’s like to be taken care of, and we all know that it feels good. Just because someone isn’t necessarily IN NEED of care, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve or appreciate care. Show the people in your life that you care.

I’m not sure if my words have provided any use or insight but I enjoyed taking the time to articulate this for myself. Thank you for being here and reading and contributing. Peace!