How To Find “Mr. Right”


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1. The myth that “all guys are the same” is in fact, a myth. (WHO)

Time after time, sure, men have anchored an unfavorable name for themselves, but that doesn’t mean that it applies to all of them. Don’t put down your guard completely, but lower it a tad bit. Dating is not a conspiracy; people are not out to get you. Treat dating as a trial-and-error process if you may. The men in your past are simply the errors and with a little more practice, you will soon come to your pot of gold!

2. Have standards, but BE REALISTIC. (WHAT)

Yes, we all may dream of a tall, dark and handsome wealthy doctor who brings us flowers everyday, repeatedly throws us compliments (which are usually true) and has the body of a dream boat to come and sweep us off of our feet. But ladies, life is not a fairy tale. Having that list of qualities we look for in a man may be useful, but we need to remember that our dreamboat that is all sorts of perfection may not exist. Remember that everyone has his or her flaws and we, ourselves, may not be perfect, but we need loving too. Don’t fall for everything, but fall for something!

3. Sometimes, timing really is everything. (WHEN)

We all strive to find him, but we never really know when he will arrive. Just because you have your life story planned sometimes on when you meet him, when he’ll propose and when you’ll start a family doesn’t mean it always happens that way. If you haven’t found him yet, give it time. He will come… don’t worry.

4. Do not limit yourself to your environments. (WHERE)

Whether your comfort lies in a coffee shop, outdoor in nature, the most hype bar/club in the area, or even online dating, do not limit yourself to your comfort zone! You never know where love my spring. Who knows, “Mr. Right” might be the gentleman that opens the door for you at the grocery store or the kind neighbor that scrapes the snow off of your car.

5. Give him a chance because you never know. (WHY)

You know that saying, “you never know until you try?” Well, this is how it goes for finding “Mr. Right.” If you never accept to go on that date with someone who has an interest in you, you won’t even know if there will be a spark or not. If we constantly reject every man that does not fit our criteria to an exact tee, then you could end up being that lonely cat woman who names her cats after each quality she hopes to find in a man. DON’T BE THAT WOMAN!