How To Forgive Yourself For Everything You Got Wrong


When you look back on the mistakes you made in your life

Of everything that you feel like you got wrong

Everything you wish you could have done differently

You think about the people and the places and the life that you could have had or should have had

The relationships that you fought too long to keep

The people that you may have wasted your time on

The people who you gave up on too easily

The people who you used for certain things when trying to sort your life out when you were trying to find comfort in their arms instead of on your own

You slowly start to heal by understanding what went wrong

By understanding that you’re not perfect

By understanding that maybe it’s okay that certain people weren’t meant to be in your life

You start to forgive everything you had gotten wrong in trying to find someone to spend your life with

In understanding that it’s okay and that maybe life isn’t as easy as people make it seem

You forgive yourself by trusting that you are doing the best you can possibly do

That you are becoming the person you were meant to be

That you are transforming into a person who is going to find the right person to be with whom can love you the way you need

And that no matter how many failed relationships you have, it doesn’t define who you are

It doesn’t mean that you have it all wrong

Slowly you can forgive yourself by admitting what you got wrong

How you were wrong in giving up on those friends you didn’t fight hard enough for

The family you lost touch with

The emotions you buried deep inside

Instead of letting out

You slowly start to forgive yourself by understanding that people come in and out of your life

You forgive yourself for finally understanding that if you want someone in your life you need to put effort into every single relationship you get

You forgive yourself by allowing other people into your life

By forgiving others who hurt you

and by forgiving yourself for the words you spoke or didn’t speak loud enough for them to hear

This is how you forgive yourself for all you got wrong

By forgiving the mistakes you made

And for understanding that maybe everything you got wrong in life was actually meant to bring you to where you need to be

Because nothing you ever do in life is wrong

It is merely a lesson that transforms you into becoming the person you need to be

The person you were meant to be all along