How To Get Over The Boy Who Was Your Everything


He was your everything, and now he’s gone.

You can’t pinpoint exactly where you went wrong but that doesn’t stop you from asking yourself every single day what you could have done differently.

Without him, you feel broken, and you blame yourself for losing him, but you need to know the bigger loss, is always losing you.

Still, you remember that some days you were stubborn, and some days you were a little too clingy, and other days you were a lot too dramatic, and finally you think about the days where you were just down right childish.

But those days don’t make anything your fault, and they sure as hell don’t mean anything is wrong with you. They just mean you aren’t perfect, and that’s okay, because no one is.

It hurts you to think about everything you did wrong because it makes you believe you aren’t good enough, because in your mind, if you were good enough, he wouldn’t have left. But the hard truth is, him leaving you, had nothing to do with you. It never did, and that’s why you’re going to move on. 

You’re going to pick yourself up and get over the boy who tried to break you because he was never the one for you. If he was, he wouldn’t have left because he would have know what he had. He was the boy who made you believe you needed him to survive, and that was a lie. You don’t need him, and you never did.

You’re going to get over him when you remind yourself that you lived without him before, and that’s why you can do it again. You’re going to tell yourself that you’re the person who truly matters in your life, because it is your life and he was never in control of that. Remember that in your life, you’re your own best company, and no one can take that from you.

Before him, you had dreams and aspirations and goals that never included him, and you can get back to that, by moving forward at the exact same time. Maybe he was good for you at the time, and maybe you believe he brought out the best in you. But that doesn’t matter, because even if he brought it out, it was still you that shined bright and it’s up to you to be that person again, and being that person, is how you will truly move on, because then you’ll know that even losing him can’t dim who you are.

So you can sit there and cry your beautiful eyes out while you question what you did wrong, or you can choose to love yourself and start living your own life again.

Because the truth is you never did anything wrong. He just wasn’t right for you. Maybe it was because some days you were a little too clingy, or a little too stubborn, and he was a lot too weak to handle the complexity that makes you who you are. Or maybe he left because you were too intelligent, and too vibrant, and too unbelievably beautiful and he couldn’t handle it because he was just a lot too insecure.

But the truth is, none of that matters anymore. Because he’s gone. You lost him, and I know that hurts right now, but it won’t break you if you don’t let it. The only way you can break is if you lose yourself too, and you’re too important for that. So, realize you don’t need him, and move on.

Realize that he never broke you. He never could and he never did. Because a boy could never break a girl who never needed him in order to be whole in the first place. And you didn’t. I promise you never did.

So quit looking for a boy to be your everything, and be your own everything instead, because you deserve to be.