How To Have Fun At A Party


People like to have parties to celebrate good things that happen to them in their lives, or sometimes they just have parties because they feel like hosting a social gathering. Sometimes parties evolve autonomously. For instance, several people might already be hanging out together, and then they realize “it’s a party.”

How many people need to be present in order to consider it a party? That could be debated, I guess. For now we are just focusing on how to have fun at a party.

A party is typically composed of the following:

  • Food & beverages
  • Leisure
  • Social interaction
  • Music


I think, by definition, parties already connote “having fun,” but let’s discover how that might not be the cast.

It’s common for people to celebrate birthdays. This usually starts at the beginning of a person’s life and then the ritual continues throughout their lives as they get older and older and older. A birthday occurs every 365.25 days, average? A day occurs every 24 hours. The sun sweeps across West horizon every 24 hours. 1440 minutes.

Minutes feel like this, right now. Parties take about 360-480 minutes, if it’s good.





That takes me 1 second to read?

1000 milliseconds per 1 second.

When does it ever end?

It feels like being trapped in a prison. [I have never been to prison.]

If this is the situation while you are at “a party,” there are some things you can do to not feel that way anymore. Lighting yourself on fire is one. That way you can feel what it’s like to truly be in pain and if it’s comparable to how you feel emotionally you might even surrender yourself to the physical feeling of it. Example: “If this is what it’s like to burn in the sweatshop where my flammables were created, then so be it, I shall drown in the flames of 10,000 dead children.”

Else if you are naked the tissue itself may force you to stop. You could see the “party” in the emergency room?

Even after just considering this possibility, you might begin to talk to people again. Realize somebody’s having a birthday!!! IS PROXIMITY A PRIVILEGE?

That’s an aggressive tactic.

Usually humans will communicate with each other as a form of entertainment. Passing time in conversation is a good distraction that most people like. Lots of humans do this, not just at parties; in airplanes, elevators, or at places that serve alcohol. There are people everywhere. Maybe the reason you’re not having fun is because you’re not conversing with anyone; but maybe that’s also because you are genuinely disinterested in the insight of another perspective.

Something more simple than lighting yourself on fire is just looking around. Maybe you are mechanically moving your head up and down, pretending to blend in, not paying attention to the music, but music can actually be very interesting. There are many components of sound that make “music.”

Or maybe you don’t like the music at the party. Maybe that is what’s ruining it in the first place. You don’t care to study what is unfavorable about the music.

Sometimes at parties it’s okay to change the music, other times its not. If there is music available, you could try controlling the music at the party. If you don’t want to do that then you could also try to distract yourself with something else. You might try to find something that is interesting to you in a different way than music could be. Bookshelves are often available to provide this kind of escapism.

Apparently the very famous music star Madonna, used to read books while she was at parties. When I first heard that I thought, “uh,” but then I realized that’s probably why people love her so much. She wanted to do different things than a lot of other people at the time, but she is still interested in people, so that’s why she read books. HISTORY OF DANCE maybe.

HOW TO FERMENT: new skills.


THE CORPSE Whisperer?

If there are no books or if they’re locked behind a glass case, maybe there is an animal that you can engage with. It can be very fun to interact with animals. Most people keep dogs or cats as pets. Some people have different kinds of birds, or rodents, reptiles, farm animals… Different animals interact with humans in different ways. I like to interact with cats and dogs, and pretty much every mammal. Birds are a little weird but it’s not bad. Personally, I find a wide range of animals very interesting to observe, let alone interact with. It can be neat just to stare at a dog in the eyes. Or sometimes I like to copy cats. Sometimes we go back and forth copying each other, like a game. Or I think the cat is just trying to figure out what is going on, but I feel it is like a game.

If there are no animals maybe there are plants. Some people keep different kinds of flowers or trees inside of their spaces, especially when it is warm outside. Plants can be fun to observe.

If that doesn’t exist then maybe there is art of comparable beauty. A vase from ancient Egypt?

A poster of a vase from ancient Egypt?

If you don’t feel like engaging with the external environment at all, maybe you could just “be” at the party and think about what it’s like for you, living, at that moment in time, and maybe your brain might start dreaming for you while you are awake. I used to do this in Catholic school as a child. It was very boring but I wasn’t allowed to move or go anywhere so I would invent pictures in my mind and then I would control them.