How To Know If A Man Likes You Or If He Is Just Manipulating You


It’s such a fine line we walk, girls, because everyone says in this day in age it’s okay for girls to be sexually open and free. But the fact of the matter is…usually once a guy’s brain shifts focus, he sees a girl as sexual prey and little more (and if that is all you desire, to just play or have a scene with a trustworthy Dom who just wants to fuck you silly, then rock on with your bad-self, but understand the necessity of overriding your girly emotions first, Ladies).

What I propose to all the single ladies (and dames tethered to unworthy men) out there: Don’t settle. Don’t try to temp and tease a reluctant suitor into your arms, because such endeavors will likely end tragically. Instead, arm yourself with confidence. When a suitor comes knocking, don’t hesitate to test and challenge him. If he balks in any way, discard his ass with a quickness.

I advise all you ladies to control your emotions, transcend your biological imperatives. Not only the innate desire to mate for life and reproduce. But also our communicative and nurturing natures, which often leave us vulnerable to the predatory male on the prowl for sexual conquest.

These men seem to intuitively understand how our brains work, and the proper words spoken at just the right moment are sometimes all it takes to break down our walls of resistance and manipulate our girly brains.

Because at the end of the day…we’re still girls. And sex will always be different for us. We make higher levels of oxytocin than any man, especially during sex. And because of that, a girl’s brain has a larger potential to chemically bond to any man she has sex with, which is often why prostitutes become so cold and jaded as time passes. It likely becomes necessary to find some way to psychologically severe the biological imperative…the potential to pair bond with many of the men they have sex with. This must do some traumatic damage on some level. No matter how hard they try to ensure otherwise.

Ladies, I get it, we don’t have a phallic appendage. We’ll never have a male’s visceral appendage. So we’ve no idea what’s it’s like to be a guy with all the sexual urges that comes with their testosterone fueled manhood. Though we do understand it colors their thinking and perception of all things, but we can only understand this intellectually. Objectively. At best…vicariously.

But I’m sure many of you do understand what it is like to be a girl with a crazy-high libido, needing to be extra careful because we understand most guys want to take advantage of such things.

So, if a man showers you with praise, hangs on your every word, makes you promise after promise, but seems reluctant to follow through on said promises, then he is likely manipulating you and should be summarily severed from your life.

If a man wants you badly enough, he will do all in his power to obtain you, all of you, not just entrance into your lovely v-jay-j.

If instead he fills your head with excuses, promises and nothing more, then he doesn’t truly want you, and should be dismissed as unworthy.

Men define themselves by their actions, not their words. And their actions speaks much louder…if you’re willing to hear what is being said, so listen up, Ladies!

In this way we become women of “value”. In this way we KNOW the man we choose to…submit to…dedicate yourself to has proven his worth by winning our heart and gained our trust through the nobility of his deeds. Then and only then do we bestow upon him our love and grant him the honor of our dedication and loyalty. And not a moment before.

Men with a potential for hero status realize a true object of value is NOT superficial. He gets us girls are multifaceted, with depth and many complicated prickly layers which he must be willing to unravel, tease apart to reveal our girly cores, in order to understand our individual feminine natures.

And upon understanding the true you, all of you, he’s not just willing to accept your full package, but is so mesmerized by your inner beauty he covets you even more than ever before, and is willing to do anything in his power to ensure you are his…

Only then do you KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt he’s truly worthy and capable of personifying the hero of your girly dreams.

Can you dig?

So, to all you girls out there, stop allowing your desire for commitment, submission and children (our biological girly imperatives) to dictate your life. Stop settling for unworthy men because you’re more afraid to be single than you are willing to ensure your chosen mate is deserving of you.

All of you.

Your full package deal.

I think certain predatory men sense our inherent vulnerabilities. They exploit them, use them against us to prey upon us for sex, obedience and submission, which most don’t deserve. I think it has become more difficult for us in this day in age, cuz a girl’s female intuition doesn’t necessarily work as well online…which is why I think it’s important to meet a man early on to allow yourself to “sense” his true intent…before he blinds you with his online charisma.

It is up to us (not them) to ensure our vulnerable girly natures are not taken advantage of. We do this by overriding our natural emotional responses to men and sex. By transcending our inherent biological urges.

But let’s face it, ladies, many of us often spend way too much time and energy excusing, explaining and/or rationalizing the behavior of men which typically translates to one specific thing:

If he’s constantly telling you he’s busy, it’s likely code for: you’re not a priority. If he gives you just enough attention, it means: he’s likely stringing you along.

If he wants you for more than sex, then he’ll make it a point to give you attention or see you for more than just sex (but if that’s all you want, then cool…but be sure you’re being true to yourself: no rationalizing or making excuses when facing that proverbial mirror).

It can’t get any more straightforward than this: if he has an interest in you, he’ll have an interest in talking to you and being around you…as often as he can.

If he tells you about other girls he’s with, telling you how hot or beautiful they are, yet fails to compliment you or make you feel special: I think this one speaks for itself.

If he tells you you’re over thinking shit, it means whatever you told him is spot on and he’s using deflection and dismissal to distract your girly intuition – listen to it, not him.

Girls, if you’re a priority, then he’ll make you a priority…

End of story.

We don’t want fear of the unknown to shape our behaviors, although I’m sure it has in spite of ourselves.

It should be okay for us to be %100 yourself with a man. Uncensored. Unedited. Full on shit talk and provocative self.

I understand none of us is typical. I understand we’re all a bit unconventional. I understand most of us (especially me) are exhibitionists and…that has the potential to cause all sorts of Issues.

But we need to own that shit.

Each piece of us is a defining piece of the puzzle. And the sum of our parts, which are likely extremely complex.

And a package deal…

We hold this power over men. We are their weakness, as they are ours.