How To Know The Right Feeling For The Right Guy


It’s basically the perfect feeling being right there on that spot and worrying about nothing.

Finally, it’s a sign that your gut feeling approves because it hasn’t been bugging you for the longest time now.

The moment he stepped onto his car to drive home, never a time will you think that it’s his last visit to your place.

The time you were secretly staring at his face while he was playing Ztsunami on his iPhone, you know it’s true that in the back of your mind you said, “He’s my forever.”

You have the assurance you won’t be ending up as how you ended before because he is going to be right at the end of it, waiting.

You are at ease to have him right there by your side because, you know that if not perfectly, you are very much secured with him.

You’re liking the many times he’s asking if you’re okay because you want to see how he’s such a cutie when he cares for you.

You don’t force yourself to make that scripted little laugh every time he cracks a joke because it’s totally hilarious for the both of you.

The point when you want to disclose everything to him but you won’t do it because you want to spare a a space for a little mystery and keep things aflame between you two.

You realize that you can sleep as deep with your mouth open while he’s around and you’re not feeling embarrassed of it.

You feel that everything is fine and there’s no one stopping you to fall in love again.

That perfect moment for that right thing on that right time at that right place is gonna happen…soon.

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