How To Know When You’re Falling In Love Again


How will I know when I’m falling in love again?

You’ll know

You’ll know because you’ll start to miss every single thing about him, like the way he pronounces a word differently, or how he squints his eyes when he’s smiling.

You’ll know when you have this itch to talk about that thing that just happened, maybe your boss was a royal jackass, or something made you laugh, and he’s the first one you want to share it with because when you can’t share with him, there’s an emptiness to your day

You’ll know because life becomes overwhelmingly incomplete without him, and it terrifies you, and you lock all the doors and turn up the music to shut it out.

You’ll know, because all of a sudden, where you thought there was only space left for you in your heart, there was him making his way in, knocking gently at the door,

“I’m here.”