How To Learn To Unlove You


You wrapped your heart in mine until we were enmeshed, entangled, inseparable. Without you, my heart shattered, splintering until all that remained was longing for you. Without me, you crumbled, waiting for me to restore your brokenness with my gentle touch. But this is me learning to unlove you, to unwrap my fingers from your grasp, to seek freedom from your deceptive refuge.

This is me learning to unsee you. Your bright, gleaming eyes entrance me, luring me into the depths of your turmoil. You appear in my dreams, your silky hair windswept, your slick smile enchanting, your chiseled arms poised to sweep me into your twisted fantasy. Even as a resist running towards your alluring charm, you caress my weary body, holding me tightly for all eternity. But night by night, you fade from my view, leaving me with nothing but empty promises of everything we could be.

This is me learning to unhear you. You whisper sweet nothings in my pining ear, soothing my longing heart. Your deep baritone envelops me, reassuring me that I am worthy of holding your heart forever. You speak every word my heart desires, reminding me that I am beautiful on your arm, stronger in your presence, nothing without you. But day by day, your schadenfreude no longer deceives me, and I reclaim shred after shred of my identity without you.

This is me learning to untouch you. You wrap me in comfort and warmth, shielding every fiber of my being from the cold, cruel world outside of you. You lie with me, your legs tangled up with mine, your heart racing against mine, your lips passionately pressed against mine. Your touch electrifies me, chilling every inch of my skin, making me believe that your sorcery is pure magic. But moment by moment, I uncurl myself from the lightness, the freedom, the wholeness I felt with you, reminding myself that I am stronger without you by my side.

Your heart still melts in mine, exciting my tired heart, energizing my lifeless body. But now, I see behind the facade you’ve cloaked over me. I hoped I would give you my heart forever, relishing in defying gravity with you, but this is me learning to unlove you.