How To Let Go Of Memories That Are No Longer Serving You


You attach a moment to a memory through choice. ⁣You attach it to a past emotion, invoked by the reaction to your current perception. ⁣You hardwire your existence by creating a relationship with what exists externally to how you feel internally.

To release the moment is to reset what you will remember. ⁣Your experiences are only fleetingly held within your short-term memory—only 20 to 30 seconds, in fact. It’s your emotional connection with the moment that moves it into the long-term memory.⁣

How, you ask? Emotions are chemical reactions within the brain stimulated from how you perceive a situation.  This stimuli is injected into your mind, and in turn, your body creates a physical reaction, and vice versa. When you react, your mind immediately attempts to understand, to process. Your brain fires into compute mode, searching through your memories, both conscious and unconscious, to identify and understand this moment you are present within.

The key is that memories are selective. The creation of these memories are born from your reaction, the reaction then releasing the emotion. To change your reaction, you need to change your perception, and by doing so release yourself from the creation of unnecessary memories—moments that don’t need evaluation based on past assessment. To experience the new, you have to let go of the old and reset the computer within your mind.

To reset, simply release the moment back to its current state of now. Move forward, both mentally and physically. Stepping away from the thought, creating a distance between what was and what is now.⁣ Let it go without observation, without understanding, without processing.

Time moves forward—you simply need to choose to move with it. Stop trying to understand the moments that don’t serve you or your life’s purpose and you will release yourself from the past and in turn create your new future.  ⁣