How To Look Like A Badass On The Outside (No Matter How You Feel On The Inside)


I used to feel the need to force my personal style into Pinterest-board worthy categories like ‘Modern Classic’ or ‘Boho Rocker Chic’. Thankfully, I soon realized beating myself up over inconsistencies and missteps in style were silly at best, and damaging my confidence at worst.

Now, my rules for personal style are pretty straightforward: do whatever I need to do to feel like a badass. Sometimes, that means all-black-everything or throwing on a leopard print coat. Other days, it means glittery boots and extra-large hoop earrings. There’s no single prescription.

While my approach might seem overly simple, I think most women know just how daunting getting ready in the morning can become.

It rarely goes as planned and because we’re human, we’re apt to change our minds once or a dozen times before 7:30 a.m. And when that happens, our sacred morning rituals can quickly slip into downward spiral, leaving you feeling defeated rather than Beyoncé-hair-flip fabulous.

In other words, seeking your inner badass takes finesse.

There are a few factors that tend to impede on everyone’s badassery more often than others. I’ve laid them out for you below with some personal tips on how I deal.

1. Don’t let the weather kill your vibe.

There’s nothing worse than letting rain, snow, or August in New York dictate what you wear or how you wear it. Mostly, it’s those brutal winter months that make getting dressed seemingly impossible.

I don’t think I’m alone in my desire to wear the softest, warmest, most luxurious loungewear for a solid three months every winter, but there’s no way wearing Ugg slippers 27 consecutive days can be good for your mental health. Instead, I like to have fun with statement jewelry, layering, and colorful socks with heels. Why not?

2. Forget what everyone else is wearing.

Dressing to feel like a badass can sometimes be alienating amongst your peers, co-workers, family, and friends. Whether it’s warranted or not, outside-the-box style seems to invite attention that many of us just don’t care for.

So, what do you do? You stop caring. Rule #1 of being a badass is live and let live. When you stop caring what people around you are wearing (and realize the ones who matter don’t actually care what you’re wearing, either), you’ll feel more confident to just do you.

3. When in doubt, just go for it.

Safe is boring. I find that on days when I’m pulled toward a safer style – like the grey sweater, high-rise jeans, and black boots I wore yesterday that really just made me feel meh – chances are I could use a wardrobe pick-me-up. A sequin skirt, a pair of red high heels, or my favorite pair of jeans usually does the trick.

And even if I second-guess it while I’m getting ready (a given), I never regret wearing the more interesting pieces later when I’m out and about, doing my thing, and feeling 100% badass.